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Zero-balance Account   Dico Tools
A bank account that does not hold funds continuously, but has money automatically transferred into it from another account when claims arise against it

Zero-fund   Dico Tools
To assign no money to a business project without actually canceling it

Zoning Ordinance   Dico Tools
Zoning Ordinance: The laws that define how the property in each zone can be used. Zoning consists of dividing a particular region of land into districts or zones and specifying the types of land uses that are allowed and prohibited for each zone. This is performed by a municipal corporation or county and is typically specific tocertain city regions. Zoning, in its basic form, attempts to separate residential property use from commercial property use. The zoning ordinances are the written regulations and laws that specify zoning decisions.  In addition to specifying if zones can be used for residential or commercial purposes, zoning ordinances also may regulate lots size

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