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An alphabetical listing of General terms and items.

Vaporware   Dico Tools
Derogatory term for software which is announced but fails to materialise.

VGA   Dico Tools
(Video Graphics Array) An early colour graphics standard for PCs, now used as a sort of lowest common denominator which all monitors and graphics cards understand.

Virtual   Dico Tools
A simulated environment on the internet or a computer.

Virus   Dico Tools
A program that has been deliberately created to cause computer problems, usually minor ones as a prank, but occasionally very nasty ones indeed, such as erasing your entire hard disk. Viruses were originally designed to attach themselves to programs on a disk, and then "hide" in the computer's memory once the host program is executed, and "infect" every disk they come across. Some types of virus (such as the famous "I love you") propagate by email, disguised as an attachment, which is why you should never open an attachment you are unsure of.

Virus Protector   Dico Tools
A program which guards against computer viruses, either by lurking in memory as a TSR and checking everything you run for viruses as you go along, or by scanning some or all of the files on either hard or floppy disk at a time you specify. Virus protectors need to be updated frequently to guard against new types of virus.

Voicemail   Dico Tools
A voice message recorded on a computer and sent to a specific person by the computer or telephone system. In effect a more sophisticated telephone answering machine.

VOIP   Dico Tools
(Voice Over Internet Protocol) A system for making cheap phonecalls over the internet instead of via the telephone system.

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