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An alphabetical listing of General terms and items.

Raceme   Dico Tools
A simple inflorescence in which the flowers are pedicellate and arranged singly along an elongate axis.

Racemiform   Dico Tools
Resembling a raceme; or an adjective describing a raceme.

Racemose   Dico Tools
Having flowers in racemes.

Rachilla   Dico Tools
A secondary rachis.

Rachis   Dico Tools
The principal axis of an inflorescence or compound leaf.

Radially Symmetrical   Dico Tools
Actinomorphic; capable of being bisected into two or more similar planes. Same as regular.

Radiate   Dico Tools
Spreading in all directions.

Radical Leaves   Dico Tools
Leaves that rise directly from the rootstock.

Ranked   Dico Tools
Ordered in a series, usually used with a number, such as two-ranked.

Ray   Dico Tools
A strap-shaped, ligulate, typically marginal, flower in the head of a composite inflorescence; also one of the principal branches of an umbellate or cymose inflorescence.

Ray Flower   Dico Tools
A strap-shaped, ligulate, typically marginal, flower in the head of a composite inflorescence. Also called ligulate flower. Compare to disk flower.

Receptacle   Dico Tools
An enlarged or elongated end of a pedicel, peduncle, or scape on which some or all of the flower parts are borne, such as in the Asteraceae family or certain genera in the Rosaceae family.

Recurved   Dico Tools
Directed backward or downward.

Reflex   Dico Tools
Bent or turned back.

Reflexed   Dico Tools
Abruptly turned or bent downward.

Regular   Dico Tools
Radially symmetrical, capable of being bisected into two or more similar planes. See actinomorphic.

Remotely   Dico Tools
Distantly; far apart.

Reniform   Dico Tools

Repand   Dico Tools
Typically with a shallowly, unevenly lobed or sinuate margin.

Repent   Dico Tools
Prostrate, creeping along the ground, typically applying to those plants which root at the nodes.

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Resinous   Dico Tools
Appearing to secrete or exude resin.

Resupinate   Dico Tools
Literally oriented upside down.

Reticulate   Dico Tools
Forming a network of interconnecting veins.

Retrorse   Dico Tools
Directed backward or downward.

Retuse   Dico Tools
Notched slightly at an usually obtuse apex.

Revolute   Dico Tools
Referring to margins which tend to roll back toward the lower surface of the midrib of a foliar structure.

Rhizomatous   Dico Tools
Bearing rhizomes.

Rhizome   Dico Tools
An underground stem, typically horizontal.

Rhombic   Dico Tools
A four-sided, typically obliquely angled, shape.

Rhomboidal   Dico Tools
A solid with a rhombic outline.

Riparian   Dico Tools
Growing along rivers; pertaining to rivers.

Rootstock   Dico Tools
Same as a rhizome; or the root system to which a scion is grafted.

Roseate   Dico Tools

Rosette   Dico Tools
Referring to a dense cluster of basal leaves, particularly with reference to winter annuals or biennials, or to scapose plants in which all the leaves are basal.

Rostellar   Dico Tools
Pertaining to the little beak, or rostellum, found in some orchid flowers such as Goodyera.

Rostrate   Dico Tools

Rosulate   Dico Tools
Turning outward and downward, such as in the petals of a double rose.

Rotate   Dico Tools
Pertaining to corollas which are more or less flat and circular in general outline; wheel-like.

Rudimentary   Dico Tools
Primitive; poorly developed.

Rufescent, Rufous   Dico Tools

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Rugose   Dico Tools

Rugulose   Dico Tools
Minutely rugose.

Runcinate   Dico Tools
Coarsely and sharply cut or incised, the principal divisions typically directed backward, typified by the leaf of a dandelion.

Runner   Dico Tools
A filiform or very slender stolon.

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