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An alphabetical listing of General terms and items.

Sac   Dico Tools
A pouch or bladder.

Saccate   Dico Tools
Having a sac.

Sagittate   Dico Tools
Shaped like an arrowhead, usually referring to leaves in which two basal lobes are directed backward and downward.

Saline   Dico Tools

Salverform   Dico Tools
Having a slender tube abruptly expanded into a flat limb, like a Phlox blossom.

Samara   Dico Tools
An indehiscent, winged fruit.

Saprophyte   Dico Tools
A plant which grows on and derives nourishment from a dead plant or organic matter.

Sarmentose   Dico Tools
Producing slender, often, prostrate, runners or branches.

Scaberulous   Dico Tools
Minutely scabrous.

Scabrid   Dico Tools
Slightly roughened.

Scabridulous   Dico Tools
Minutely scabrous.

Scabrous   Dico Tools
Rough; harsh to the touch.

Scale   Dico Tools
Generally a thin, sometimes scarious, much reduced, leaf, bract, or perianth part.

Scalloped   Dico Tools
Said of margins marked by a series of circular or arc-shaped teeth or projections.

Scape   Dico Tools
A leafless flowering stem arising directly from the ground; or, such a stem which possesses minute scale-like leaves much smaller than the basal leaves.

Scapose   Dico Tools
Having or appearing to have a scape.

Scarious   Dico Tools
Typically, thin, dry, papery or membranous; usually not green.

Schizocarp   Dico Tools
A pericarp which splits into two to several one-seeded portions, termed mericarps or nutlets.

Scurfy   Dico Tools
Bearing mealy or bran-like granules or scales.

Secondary   Dico Tools
Once removed from primary, which see.

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Secund   Dico Tools
Arranged or oriented along one side of an axis, typically referring to the flowers of an inflorescence.

Segment   Dico Tools
One of the units of a leaf or perianth that is divided but not fully compound.

Senescent   Dico Tools
Growing old; aging.

Sepal   Dico Tools
A segment of the calyx.

Sepaloid   Dico Tools
Of the texture of, or resembling, a sepal.

Septate   Dico Tools
Divided by partitions.

Septicidal   Dico Tools
Referring to capsules which dehisce through the side walls or partitions, not opening directly into the locule.

Septum   Dico Tools
Any kind of partition.

Sericeous   Dico Tools
With silky hairs.

Seriform   Dico Tools
Having the form of a bristle.

Serotinous   Dico Tools
Produced late in the season; late to open; having cones that remain closed long after the seeds are ripe.

Serrate   Dico Tools
With sharp, typically forward-pointing, teeth.

Serrated   Dico Tools
Notched on the edge like a saw.

Serrulate   Dico Tools
Minutely serrate.

Sessile   Dico Tools
Without a stalk.

Setaceous   Dico Tools

Setose   Dico Tools
Beset with bristles.

Setulose   Dico Tools
Having minute bristles.

Sheath   Dico Tools
A tubular structure effected by the formation of leaf margins around the stem.

Shrub   Dico Tools
A woody plant, typically smaller than a tree, and typified as being branched from the base with two or more main stems.

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Silicle   Dico Tools
A short silique.

Silique   Dico Tools
A specialized capsule in which a frame-like placenta or partition separates the two valves, most often occurring in the mustard family.

Simple   Dico Tools
Not compound, a term usually applied to leaves; also, referring to a stem without branches or modifications.

Simple Leaf   Dico Tools
An undivided leaf.

Sinuate   Dico Tools

Sinus   Dico Tools
A cleft or dissection between two lobes.

Solitary   Dico Tools
Alone; single.

Sordid   Dico Tools
Appearing dirty; definitely not white.

Sorus   Dico Tools
Specifically, in ferns, the clusters or discrete aggregations of sporangia.

Spadix   Dico Tools
An inflorescence spike typified by a very fleshy axis.

Spathe   Dico Tools
A foliaceous bract-like or sheathiform structure enclosing or partly enclosing an inflorescence.

Spathiform   Dico Tools
Resembling a spathe.

Spatulate   Dico Tools
Strongly dilated or expanded toward the distal end; spoon-shaped.

Species   Dico Tools
A group of like individuals, as white pine or bur oak.

Spicate   Dico Tools
Arranged in, or resembling, a spike.

Spiciform   Dico Tools

Spicule   Dico Tools
A hard point or protuberance, typically on a leaf margin.

Spike   Dico Tools
An unbranched inflorescence in which the flowers are sessile or subsessile along an elongate axis.

Spikelet   Dico Tools
A secondary or small spike; specifically, in the Poaceae family, the unit composed or one or two glumes subtending one to several sets of lemma and palea combinations.

Spine   Dico Tools
A sharp, stiff, often slender, process; a thorn.

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Spinescent   Dico Tools
Ending in a spine, or bearing a spine.

Spinose   Dico Tools
Having spines; spiny.

Spinulose   Dico Tools
With minute spines or stiff bristles.

Spontaneous   Dico Tools
Growing wild, without cultivation.

Sporangium   Dico Tools
Spore-producing structure.

Spore   Dico Tools
An asexual, one-loculed propagule of ferns and fern allies.

Sporocarp   Dico Tools
The fruit case of certain flowerless plants, containing sporangia or spores.

Sporophyll   Dico Tools
A foliar organ upon which sporangia are produced.

Spreading   Dico Tools
When the petals of a flower are at right angles with the central column.

Spur   Dico Tools
An extended sac at the base of a corolla; a short branchlet with a very compact arrangement of leaf scars.

Squarrose   Dico Tools
Pertaining typically to perianth or involucral segments which bend outward or downward at the tip.

Stalk   Dico Tools
The stem of any organ, as the petiole, peduncle, pedicel, filament, or stipe.

Stamen   Dico Tools
Pollen-producing structure comprised of the anther and the filament.

Staminate   Dico Tools
Referring either to plants, inflorescences, or flowers which bear stamens but not pistils.

Staminodium   Dico Tools
A sterile stamen, or any structure lacking an anther but which corresponds to a stamen.

Standard   Dico Tools
The upper, dilated or expanded, petal in a papilionaceous flower.

Stellate   Dico Tools
Star-shaped, usually in reference to hairs which are branched, forked or divided into two to several rays.

Stem   Dico Tools
The main axis or principal shoot of a plant.

Sterile   Dico Tools
Incapable of reproducing sexually; also, referring to soil, very poor in nutrients.

Stigma   Dico Tools
That part of the pistil receptive to pollen.

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Stipe   Dico Tools
A small connecting stalk; sometimes a small stalk which elevates the pistil or flower above the receptacle or pedicel; also, the petiole of a fern frond or of Lemna.

Stipel   Dico Tools
An appendage of a leaflet analogous to a stipule.

Stipitate   Dico Tools
Stalked, as defined above under stipe.

Stipular   Dico Tools
Belonging to stipules.

Stipulate   Dico Tools
With stipules.

Stipule   Dico Tools
An appendage or bract situated at either side of a leaf axil.

Stipules   Dico Tools
Small leaves, always in pairs at the base of a leaf-stalk.

Stipuliform   Dico Tools
Resembling a stipule.

Stolon   Dico Tools
A horizontal, prostrate, running branch or stem, often tending to root at the nodes.

Stoloniferous   Dico Tools
Having stolons.

Stoma   Dico Tools
A minute orifice between two guard cells in a leaf epidermis, through which gaseous exchange is effected -- plural stomata.

Stramineous   Dico Tools
Tan or straw-colored.

Striate   Dico Tools
Beset with fine, longitudinal lines or grooves.

Strigillose   Dico Tools
Minutely strigose.

Strigose   Dico Tools
Pubescent with appressed hairs.

Strigulose   Dico Tools
Minutely strigose.

Strobile   Dico Tools
An inflorescence, often, but not always, indurated or woody, characterized by a series of imbricated scales; a cone.

Style   Dico Tools
A usually slender stalk connecting the stigma with the ovary.

Stylopodium   Dico Tools
A disk-like expansion of the base of the style, with the term often meaning to include the style as well.

Submersed   Dico Tools
Found under water.

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Subtend   Dico Tools
Referring to any structure situated at the base of another structure.

Subterranean   Dico Tools
Below the ground.

Subulate   Dico Tools

Subulus   Dico Tools
A small point or bristle.

Succulent   Dico Tools
Very fleshy and juicy.

Sucker   Dico Tools
A rapidly growing shoot developing from an underground root or stem

Suckers   Dico Tools
Vegetative shoots from a proliferating root system.

Suifruticose   Dico Tools
Nearly or slightly woody. Compare fruticose.

Sulcate   Dico Tools
Grooved or furrowed lengthwise.

Superior   Dico Tools
Referring to an organ which stands above or appears over or higher than another similar organ; or in reference to an ovary, free from the calyx.

Supra-axillary   Dico Tools
Borne above the axil.

Suture   Dico Tools
A seam or union between partitions; a line of dehiscence as in a follicle or capsule.

Symmetrical   Dico Tools
Regular as to the number of its parts and their shape.

Sympatric   Dico Tools
Occupying the same region.

Sympetalous   Dico Tools
With petals united, at least at the base.

Sympodial   Dico Tools
A determinate inflorescence that simulates an indeterminate inflorescence, as if a scorpioid cyme were straight rather than circinate; or when an alternate-leaved plant's branching pattern mimics an opposite-leaved plant, producing forked branching.

Syncarp   Dico Tools
A multiple fruit (usually fleshy), typified by the mulberry group.

Synecology   Dico Tools
Referring to the total ecology of a given plant community or community complex.

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