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NSD MOM System

NSD MOM:  Monitor Management System
NSD MOM   Widely used in Cyber cafe (Internet Cafe) and schools in order to manage the web access.

It allows the Internet cafe professionals to manage their business in the below areas:

  • Web access (Time and Cost)
  • Sales and financial reports
  • Customer relationship Management
  • Security
  • Reports
NSD MOM SYSTEM is widely used in the internet cafe (Cyber cafe), Shools, play rooms....

Send messages over a LAN network giving the server the ability to control its clients and monitor computer activities 
Web access which will increase efficiency and response time especially in a large scale network. Clients will gain access to any computer on the network for a limited/unlimited period of time for a fixed amount provided by the server.

The server provides different kinds of reports including sales activity, invoices, prices, available/used cards, list of employees, computer usage, server history and network disconnects to keep track of all activities for reference to improve service, sales, and network performance
The server provides the feature to backup/restore data in case of any system failure
The application achieves a user friendly interface and was developed in both Arabic and English languages to suit market demands in the middle-east and around the world.

And, below Some MOM System  functionalities:

  • Client / Server.
  • Arabic / English Interfaces.
  • Unlimited  connected Computers. 
  • Full Control of the Client’s Computers.
  • Control  the website’s access.
  • Take Captures from client’s screen.
  • Send & Receive massages between server and Clients.
  • Database Backup / Restore.
  • Print Invoices with your employee name.
  • Print sales reports.
  • Limited / unlimited Time.......

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