Partner Categories   NSD supports the following partner categories, which are an excellent opportunity for collaboration and participation:

Content partners: These partners integrate their data, intellectual property, or information services with NSD solutions.

Your company can participate as a content provider in one or more of the following ways:
  1. By achieving interface certification for your content services
  2. By participating in cooperative content development
  3. By participating in a cooperative sales function, such as content distributor
Education partners: Education partners work with NSD to deliver high-quality,   professional training in NSD solutions and technology. NSD’s education partners support the development and delivery of customized end-to-end solutions by delivering an excellent and comprehensive training to the right users at the right time. Through their commitment to NSD, our education partners ensure that customers get maximum benefit from their NSD Business Suite solutions.

NSD education partners:

  • Support local strategy and objectives
  • Add value to or fill a gap in NSD’s delivery capability
  • Add depth, breadth, or flexibility to NSD’s solution capability
  • Bring significant benefit to NSD and our partners
  • Meet customer need

Training Delivery Partner: These partners provide local, specialized, or alternative delivery capability in their area of NSD expertise. They must meet NSD’s criteria for competence and quality and have the necessary infrastructure to deliver and support NSD instructor-led classes.

Specialist Expertise Partner: These partners provide specialist services or products in their area of expertise -- for example, user education, e-learning, content development, or human performance improvement. They are recognized as market leaders and either provide best-of-breed products and services or work collaboratively with NSD to develop them. They must have the appropriate infrastructure and NSD expertise to support this activity

Services partners: NSD’s services partners are consultants who help NSD customers implement and integrate NSD solutions, optimize business processes, and provide strategic business consulting.

Software partners: These partners provide complete, technically verified turnkey software solutions that extend and add value to NSD solutions. In addition, third-party software vendors can develop applications based on NSD’s standard, release-stable interfaces.  Your company can participate as a software partner in one or more of these three ways:

  • By achieving  interface certification for your software
  • By participating in cooperative software development
  • By participating in cooperative sales, such as an OEM vendor or software reseller