NSD BCS Module / Sales and Distribution (SD)

NSD System is designed and developed for various organizations, information management, analysis and power reports tools.
NSD has several layers. The Basis System is the heart of the data operations and should be not evident to higher level or managerial users. Other customizing and implementation tools exist also. The heart of the system from a manager's viewpoint is the application modules.

  • Define the Customer with their complete information
  • Arrange all processes for all salesmen in the company
  • Arrange the sales inquiry for the customer
  • Possibility to make a quotation and provide to customer
  • Possibility to send internal Purchase order to the warehouse to prepare the material in preparation of customer delivery
  • Arrange all processes of delivery and shipping the beneficiary of the Purchase Order
  • Organize all processes of billing from the customers
  • Define the limited time and amount of credit for each customer


This application helps you to optimize all the tasks and activities carried out in sales, delivery and billing.
The key elements are: pre-sales support, inquiry processing, quotation processing, sales order processing and delivery processing, billing and sales information system.

Point of Sale Application (POS):

This application manages all your needs in terms of Point of Sale, based on a flexible sales structure and integrated with all other applications as the Warehouse Management, Material Management and Human Resources application. Some of these functionalities are:

  • Customers Management (Information, History, Black list, Fidelity...)
  • Customer Credit and Debit Management
  • Customer Loan Management
  • Sales Man Management (Sales Users Management)
  • Store Management
  • Shops Management
  • Sales Planning
  • Customer Invoicing Management
  • All related reports...


You make this assignment once in the system. No further specifications are required during data transfer. You require these specifications for the following company areas, depending on whether you use the corresponding applications:

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