Support and Maintenance
Support and Maintenance   NSD offer to its clients a Long Term Service and Support Strategy.

Our Services Maintenance gives the client various options, each designed to keep his NSD SYSTEM solution up and running. These include: NSD Standard Support Includes system performance monitoring, proactive services, and access to NSD experts.
NSD has its strategy for users support and system performance and tuning issues. The support strategy is, also, address the planning and implementation of changes to live systems. While support is critical to initial live operations, it is equally critical to the long term success of your NSD System implementation.

NSD Support Delivery
Support services
shall mean any or all support services rendered by NSD to the Customer including inspections, diagnosis, maintenance and repair of any tasks or modules including in the NSD ERP.

These services don´t include any additional module or any programming change; it is limited to the use of the system.

The beginning date of the support and warranty period is immediately after the go to live phase (Final Implementation and testing of the system).

1- Service Schedule
NSD shall provide and perform a regular preventive maintenance on the Customer Site´s NSD ERP System four times (on emergency) & four regular visits monthly these visits will be pre-scheduled by appointment between NSD and the Customer or their authorized representatives.

2- On-Site Service
Authorized engineers and consultants of NSD shall perform all services on the NSD System in Client´s site.

3- Telephone Based Support
Based on the timing of the nearest NSD branch to which the clients are belonging, NSD shall respond to The Customer´s request by telephone on all working days of NSD 5/7