NSD Company

NSD is a software engineering company, it's editor of a wide range of software from a simple system, such as a retails (POS) management system to a huge system for huge business in both sectors, public and private.

To allow its clients to control and optimize their business process by taking advantage of the latest business practice rules included in NSD Systems, NSD offers to its client excellent products and all related services (design, development, implementation, and maintenance... etc.).

Thus, through its major and complementary activities, Business Consulting and Software Edition and its strong background as well as highly qualified people, NSD serves and provides to its clients, best services and best systems.


NSD is one of the largest Software Editor company and provider of a worldwide range of information technology services. During more than 15 years, NSD, played a major role in term of business consulting, Present on the market of Middle East, NSD Provided and realized a strategic Projects in both sectors Private and Public. Our ambition is to be the LEADER IN THE MIDDLE EAST market.

NSD offers you a full cycle of service including:

  • Software delivery and customization

    of the client's specific business rules, this development is based on clients' requirements)
  • System Implementation

    where NSD implements its software which allows NSD clients excessive time and cost wasting
  • NSD Training

    accompanies NSD System users (Power and End Users) during the full cycle of NSD system implementation and beyond
  • Support and system optimization

    including business rules enhancement

Our activity is based on three main axes:

1- Business Applications, NSD ERP Systems, NSD BCS, for various business activities to serve , small, medium and huge enterprises.

2- Business Consulting:

3- Advanced IT solutions:

NSD is Present or Represented in a Different Countries, in each Country NSD can have a different CR number.

All our software, logos and names are registered and property. Our products, NSD ERP SYSTEM NSD Business Controlling System (NSD BCS), NSD Monitor Management System (MOM System), NSD Car Management System (CMS), are registered and property of NSD.

Wherever you are located and for any reason related to our activities (Suggestions, Information, Investments, To became our Business Partner....) or for any other reason please do not hesitate to contact us, anytime, We stay at your entire disposition

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