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NSD CMS System

NSD CMS:  Cars Management System
NSD CMS System  

Cars Management System is an NSD software initiated to facilitate the car rental process of car rental companies. The product is designed to provide the facility of keeping track of all the cars in the possession of rental companies with their detailed information.

The user has the facility to check the availability of selected car based on customer's request. Prior to checkout the car survey form will be filled and any kind of damage will be mentioned.

Later on this form will be compared with the car survey form at the time of check in.The system provide the facility to keep the information of customers (individuals and companies) The checkout and check in modules will simplify the process the car rental and return of cars respectively.

Reservation feature is used to allow the customers to reserve the selected car for the desired date and time. The reservation will be considered void if customer fails to checkout the car on the reservation time plus the grace time specified by the power user of the system.

NSD CMS enables the user to issue leased contracts in a contract template built in the system,Each salesman’s information is kept in the system along with his commission.

In case the customer needs the driver with car, the system will allow storing the information about the drivers and their availability.

The system is to provide different kind of reports including income statement, list of all vehicles, available vehicles, salesmen commission, vehicles maintenance etc.

The IMG tool,  is designed for power users. From this too, the user will be able to customize the system i.e. setting user privileges, defining date, time and currency formats, defining tax and discount information. Setting up general and checkout conditions........

NSD CMS SYSTEM stands for NSD Car Management System.

 The NSD Car Management System (NSDCMS) tracks and manages in your enterprise, in real-time, the:

  • Rent
  • Lease
  • Sales
  • Depreciation
  • Customers Management
  • Employees Management
  • Maintenance
  • Purchasing...

 It is an integrated application; this application allows you to manage all cars movements in terms of rent, lease, sales, and maintenance. The NSD Car Management System is, also, a comprehensive system that covers a wide range of tasks relating to vehicles management. The system includes the Car Rental module, Vehicle Maintenance module, Customer Management module etc. with a list of comprehensive reports.

To improve your business processes in order to get more success and more profits, the NSD CMS System developed based on the best, worldwide, business practice; it is designed by latest scientific and Global experiences (Business Process Management), to administrate and organize the total business process in your company.

Some major NSD Car Management System benefits:

  1. Client/Server architecture allows the multiple users to access the system from different locations.
  2. Centralized Data Base
  3. "Best-practices" included in the applications.
  4. Multi-Language support (English/Arabic).
  5. Easy customization.
  6. User level security.

An online Massage alert system (MAS) allowing the user to be alert by the management or by any customizing issues, the MAS system provides the user (by customizing warning massages) an alert to indicate him to any possible mistake, for example:  the expiry date for the materials, or the renew of the  car papers ..

Also, the Message alert system (MAS) allows you to avoid any possible forfeiture or losses for the company.

  NSD CMS SYSTEM has also the below strength points

  1. Customer Management
  2. Cars database Structure
  3. Pricing Procedure
  4. Cars Reservation
  5. Maintenance Schedule
  6. Alert Messages
  7. Rental Contracts
  8. Vendors Management
  9. Documents Archiving
  10. Powerful Reports
  11. Security
  12. Thin Client Software
  13. Insurance Management
  14. Oracle Database
  15. Customizable Application

 NSD CMS System is a client server system (one Server and unlimited Clients); it uses a central and main data base (ORACLE).

 NSD CMS System has high multi levels of security to limit the access of the users to the sensitive data.

 In addition to the above functionalities, a lot of reports and tools for each department and application.  These reports have two categories:

  1.  A Query reports allowing the user to manage his own reports by the management of the input parameters.
  2. A standards report having large possibilities in terms of input data.

NSD CMS System is interfaced with Microsoft functionalities, which allow you to send or manage your reports by WORD or Excel or Adobe Acrobat and send it by Outlook . Any other interfacing between NSD CMS SYSTEM and a third system can be developed directly by NSD teams.

This system, as well the other applications are included in the NSD ERP SYSTEM, but it can be procured and implemented separately. In this case the technical plate form is similar to the whole NSD ERP SYSTEM.

 NSD Car Management System Functionality:

  1. Ability to define your company and create multi-branches.
  2. Centralize database to connect all branches to same database for helping of the administration process.
  3. Ability to create a Hierarchy structure for the vehicles.
  4. Classify the vehicles according the technical specification.
  5. Ability to transfer the vehicles between the branches.
  6. Ability to arrange all contracts of the vehicles (Rent, Release, Sale, and maintain).
  7. Ability to organize the employee and driver
  8. Ability to control the time sheet for the working time for the drivers and vehicles.
  9. Ability to create the check-in and check-out contract for one vehicle by two branches (check-in in done by one branch and check-out done by another one maybe in another city).
  10. Ability to reserve a vehicle for one customer for certain time.
  11. Ability to adjust the ODO value for one vehicle manually in case of occurring mistakes.
  12. Ability to create non-revenue contract for maintenance or for any purpose.
  13. Ability to create multi-price list for the each vehicles and assign it to the customer list.
  14. Ability to create a list of customer in three lists:
  • Special Customer List
  • Normal Customer List
  • Black customer List 

NSD Car Management System provides you also:

  1. Ability to create a list of vendors (workshop Centers) for doing regular maintenance for vehicles.
  2. Ability to archive the regular maintenance processes for each vehicles and reported.
  3. Ability to archive the Traffic accidents for every person that rented a car and increase the percentage of paid amount as customizing.
  4. Automatically transfer the rented person to black list after customized number of the traffic accidents. 
  5. Ability to create Accounts for the Vehicles to post the maintenance invoices and yearly percentage of the deprecation.
  6. Ability to create accounts for the customer and vendors.
  7. Ability to create system users in multi-level of the permission.
  8. Ability to determine the hour of beginning and ending working day.
  9. Prevent the system users of log in to the system out of the working day range.
  10. Ability to create Level of privileged User to use the system every one according to his permission.

In addition of the massage alert center which gives you a warning massage to be alert for some processes (renew the license for one vehicle, expiry of the Insurance for one driver..

 A lot of kinds of reports help you to have a clear idea about the work in your company for Example: the check-in and check-out contract, the maintenance processes for one vehicle or for all doing by one vendor...

These reports help you to improve the level of the work in your company.

 My office

The NSD CMS System is a performance exchanger system allowing the users to avoid to be disconnected in order to send and receive emails; the NSD CMS gives you the possibility to send and receive emails and messages directly through the screen where you are working in the NSD CMS.

NSD CMS is a Standalone System too,

Although, NSD CMS is an integrated application of NSD ERP System,
It is also, a standalone system.

NSD CMS system, as well as other applications included in NSD ERP SYSTEM, can be procured and implemented separately (Standalone System). In this case the technical plate form is similar to the whole NSD ERP SYSTEM.


NSD CMS, once procured as standalone system, it's delivered with a powerful Financial and Human Resources functionalities allowing user to be autonomous in terms of His enterprise management.

Related Activities

Related to the NSD CMS package NSD Teams assure you a complete cycle of services as:

  • NSD CMS SYSTEM Implementation
  • Training & documentation
  • Maintenance & Upgrade


  • Offering proven methodologies, advanced software tools, and best practices to get your NSD solution up and running quickly to contribute into your business goals.
  • Work with the client to develop an implementation strategy focused on his key priorities.
  • Create an implementation plan that enables you to manage project scope and evaluate progress along the way.
  • NSD based implementation methodology

Training & Documentation

Two types of training are assured by NSD

  • Power Users Training
  • End Users Training

The above training is started form your acquisition of the NSD CMS until its complete implementation (GO LIVE),

Concerning the documentation, NSD assures you a detailed end users (System Navigation) manual and a power users customizing manual.

Maintenance & Upgrade

Our Services Maintenance gives the client various options, each designed to keep his NSD CMS SYSTEM solution up and running. These include: NSD Standard Support Includes system performance monitoring, proactive services, and access to NSD experts.