NSD Credential  

NSD is one of the largest Software Editor company and provider of a worldwide range of information technology services.

During more than 12 years, NSD, played a major role in term of  business consulting,

Present on the market of Middle East, NSD Provided and realized a strategic Projects in  both sectors Private and Public. Our ambition is to be the LEADER  IN THE MIDDLE  EAST market.


1- An integrated Solution NSD ERP SYSTEM and complete range of Software destiny to the Medium and huge companies.


All of the above software are client server systems and based on the ORACLE  and SQLSERVER Data Base.

2- Business Consulting and Networking Services as:

NSD is, also, one of the largest global professional services Company. Our international resources enable us to deliver a consistent level of quality from one country to another.
All of our offices and people, wherever they are located, practice under common professional, ethical and independence standards.
We utilize common methodologies that integrate risk analysis and business analysis with statistical techniques and computer tools.
Throughout the world, we use the same sophisticated and innovative approaches and state of the art technology.
For more than one decade from hard work, which give us a very high technical level and which had made of us one of the pioneer company in the sector of Information Technology and Business Consulting.
The name of NSD become today the same as for Excellency and high quality in every project we do, or any product we create or we improve.

INNOVATION is about finding new ways to do business. It is bringing innovation to our business models... to our methodologies and processes... to our service... and to our relationships.

Innovation starts with an idea for a new service or perhaps an entirely new market. When we support and act on that innovative idea, we’ll add value to our services, differentiate ourselves in the marketplace, and delight our clients. When we work together and with our clients, we achieve our goals; nothing is out of reach.

We’re CONNECTED with each other, and with our clients. We’re connected with our network of allies. And we’re even connected with our competitors. It’s a connected world, and we must be at the network hub.

Our firm helps clients master today’s connected economy. And we practice what we preach. Rather than building walls, we build networks. We reject “not invented here thinking. Instead, we reach out to diverse business partners to build an extended enterprise that expands the scope of our capabilities. Knowledge,people, ideas, and other resources flow.

 We are GLOBAL …
Our clients are GLOBAL, and so are we. One integrated organization, with the same brand and standards everywhere.

Every company that understands how to exploit connections has the world as its market. So in today’s economic climate, companies start global. For NSD, that means a new way of doing business. . . a way of doing business.

 We are LEADERS …
We’re LEADERS of our profession, our community, our markets, and of business. And each of us is a leader of our firm in our own ways. We all have a role, we all have ideas, and we all contibute to making NSD a Wining Firm.
What we want is for each of us to take personal responsibility and think of ourselves as leaders. We challenge the status quo. We do things better, but we also do things differently.

That’s what leadership is all about.And all of us make it our business.

 We are GROWING …
We’re GROWING. We look to where we’re going; not to where we’ve been. We help clients see the future, its opportunities and its risks.
When we grow, we generate great opportunities for ourselves and for our clients. Growth creates challenging opportunities and allow us to explore new dimensions and enhance our knowledge base for the benefit of our clients.

We are expanding our current client relationships and winning new ones. Our role with clients is evolving, such that we are now recognized as their strategic business advisors.

We are CLIENT- FOCUSED. Our job is to create value and confidence for our clients and markets, and to build long-term relationships that make clients comfortable in retaining NSD as a trusted, strategic business advisor.
We are focused on clients—business issues, not just their service concerns. This means finding innovative solutions for the issues that keep senior executives awake at night. Increasing shareholder value. Managing risk. Winning the talent war. Transforming their business. Sustaining and enhancing competitive advantage. We help clients to know that their decisions, transactions, and markets are the right.

 We have a PEOPLE VISION ….
Our vision is a PEOPLE VISION. We want to put people first. We’ll do this by empowering our people to be creative. By developing an exciting environment renowned for agility, speed and flexibility and in which they can thrive. And most of all, by recognizing that their growth, commitment and contribution is integral to our success as a firm.

The two defining characteristics of our “People First firm are a high-performance culture where our people know they are paramount to our success, and an environment where our key focus is to help them build their skills, their market value and relationships.

 We are UNIQUE ….
When you add it all up, we are UNIQUE. We’re not trying to be better than everyone else, we’re trying to be the best NSD we can be. Leaders, first movers, innovative, empowered. Different.

We have the momentum, and we’re boldly redefining who we are. New ways of doing business. New alliances. A diverse organisation. An innovative organisation. The result is a fast, flexible, and agile firm . . . a unique organisation, where every element of leadership and innovation is rooted in action. An organisation where people believe in change passionately enough to make it happen.

 We have our style….

Our style is to Work With You focusing on the maintenance of ownership by your team, transfer of knowledge and experience to your team and, ultimately, to your management and staff.

Why Our People is Different?
The members of our business transformation team are all seasoned professionals experienced in organizational infrastructure development and management control procedures.
Team Members are locally based with extensive local and regional work experience. We are therefore uniquely positioned to look at fundamental business issues and clearly understand your requirements.
Members of our team also have extensive business and information technology expertise and hence can understand the commercial issues that are important to you.
We leverage our relationship network especially in the business and information technology communities, in the rest of Middle East and internationally.

wherever you are located and for any reason related to our activities (Suggestions, Information, Investments, To became our Business Partner....) or for any other reason please do not hesitate to contact us, anytime, We stay at your entire disposition