NSD Point of Sale System

Manufactured by NSD Company which is a leading software manufacturer (Editor) with several years of experience, it's dedicated to deliver to its clients a wide range of cost effective quality software, and business solutions whatever their industries or type of activities.. We offer to our POS software which is for almost any type of industry,

The standard version of NSD POS System is made for all type of Sales activities whatever the size and volume of your enterprise.

You have a simple shop or a big supermarket, NSD POS will help you to manage all aspects of your daily activity, from the management of your stores and stocks till the direct sales to you clients (cashers).

Main Sub-Applications of NSD POS System:

Materials Management

Warehouse and Stores Management, Inventory, Procurement...


Material number - Vendor number - Vendor-specific data on deliveries...

Sales and Retails

pre-sales support, inquiry processing, quotation processing, sales order...

Sales Accounting

Customer Information, Material Movement, Beginning Inventory...

Query Reports

Monitoring and reporting for discount and FOC operations...

Store Management

Easily manage your stocks, optimise checkout...

NSD POS System Benefits

NSD provides to its customers a best POS and services, support, and expertise which they require to increase efficiency and profitability.
NSD POS system is a full Fledge applications for Multi Points of sales, Multi Currencies, Multi Stores, Multi Users.

NSD POS System Key Benefits :

Choosing NSD POS as your point of sale system helps to maximize your business' growth.

  • NSD POS is a high level of security System
  • Reduces the time which employees take to complete transactions, and then allow them to focus more on revenuegenerating activities.
  • Improve customer service by speeding sales transactions, reducing errors, and minimizing out-of-stock-conditions.
  • Reduce losses due to excess inventory and overstaffing, also helping support marketing activities by improving customer tracking.
  • An NSD E-marketing (news letter system) integrated on NSD POS helps you to alert your clients and get more new clients
  • Allows you to manage your providers (vendors) as well as your customers' data and services such as loyalty program