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NSD Point of Sale System

NSD Point of Sale System  

Manufactured by NSD Company which is a leading software manufacturer (Editor) with several years of experience, it's dedicated to deliver to its clients a wide range of cost effective quality software, and business solutions whatever their industries or type of activities..
We offer to our POS software which is for almost any type of industry,

The standard version of NSD POS System is made for all type of Sales activities whatever the size and volume of your enterprise.

You have a simple shop or a big supermarket, NSD POS will help you to manage all aspects of your daily activity, from the management of your stores and stocks till the direct sales to you clients (cashers).

Main Sub-Applications of NSD POS System:

  1. Materials Management (Warehouse and Stores Management, Inventory, Procurement)
  2. Purchasing
  3. Sales and retails Management
  4. Sales accounting
  5. Query reports

All the above sub-applications are the core of the System with is an application of NSD BCS System (Applications System)

Hereunder, you have some functionality included in the standard version of NSD POS:

NSD POS supports the following functionalities
Functionalities Description
01 Define Materials master data ( Code, description , default cost, sales price ,product photo...
02 Organize materials master data by material structure ( group , subgroup , type , subtype ...)
03 Manage sales discount and promotions
04 Print material barcode
05 Import materials master data from Excel Sheet
06 Define Vendors Information ( Code, Name, Address, Communication Information ...)
07 Manage Members information ( Membership information's , Discount information ...)
08 Enter , post and print purchasing invoices
09 Enter Stock beginning inventory
10 Destroy Materials stock and register the reason ( expire , damage ...)
11 Monitoring the stock information and print information about the stock
12 Manage receipt and payment vouchers
13 Sales Price sheet Management , update ...
14 User friendly POS interface
15 Integrate with External hardware (scale, barcode readers , receipt printers , cash drawer ,Customer display...)
16 Daily Sales , cash and activity for each POS or range of POS
17 Daily Sales , cash by cashier
18 Return material with reference to sales transaction or without reference
19 Manage free of charge transactions
20 Monitoring and reporting for discount and FOC operations
21 Open working day
22 Close working day
23 Motoring sales , cash details and summary by working days
24 Sales graphic by day and by hour
25 Collection of reports ...etc


Naturally, in case where you have specifics requirements which are not included in the standard of NSD POS, NSD teams will be at your disposal in order to answer and develop these requirements.