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NSD CLM System

NSD CLM:  Clinic Management System

The Clinic Management System is developed based on the best business practice and business solutions rules.It allows the customers to automate the patients' files and to follow all patients' data in real time.As the whole package, this application is a customizing application; it can be modified based on your specific requirements.
Whereas you can manage the clinic through the following:

Patient data: by opening patient's file and inserting complete information about a patient and his health status and possibility to modify, display and reported these data

Reception Management: This application, completely integrated with the other NSD ERP applications, especially the Human Resources application, allows you to Customize your receptions as you need at any time

Here you can build the structure of your dispensary including all Specialists (General clinic, Eyes Clinic, Health Care...) with your doctors and nurses.

Manage Appointments: when the patient calls or comes to the reception for doctor's visit you have the ability to control and manage this action through the system,  you can fix a date for this visit including some information about the patient.

The NSD Clinic Management System: allows you to manage your activities by defining what you need as new department in the dispensary for example:

  • Assay Department
  • Radiography Department
  • Surgery Department
  • Intensive Care Department
  • First Aid Department...

The pharmacy management application which is completely integrated with the clinic management System and the whole package as the material management, procurement and sales.
The main points concerning the pharmacy application are:

  • Define new pharmacy in the system
  • Integrate pharmacy with man warehouse
  • List all pharmacy related with hospital.
  • Management expiry date for medicine
  • Send message to the responsible employee about expired medicine
  • Waste expired items
  • Quantity adjustment
  • Integrate pharmacy with patient master data
  • Quantity to replenish
  • Stock management
  • Alert for minimum and maximum stock
  • Medication Orders
  • Generate reports for all data related with medications & patient ...
  • Stock overview at any time from any place (using NSD System)
  • Print an process invoices
  • Working with point of sales utility (barcode reader, cash drawer..)