Develop and Document Corporate   In term of Human Resources Management _ Policies and Procedures  NSD Human Capital Teams can do many things. 
  • Develop comprehensive personnel policies, compensation and benefits policies and procedures, corporate policies and procedures on Human Resources Management. 

  • Develop an employee classification and a suitable position grading structure for your Company.
  • Develop a job evaluation, job descriptions, appraisal system, merit and promotion policies.
  • Develop comprehensive and competitive compensation and benefits entitlements for all positions, based on international and local surveys .
  • Identify minimum, midpoint and maximum levels for the salary levels in each grade  .
  • Develop a planned and integrated approach to support the national program .
  • Develop all other policies, procedures and programs to meet human resources requirements .
  • Develop managerial competency that encompasses process and criteria to facilitate promotion to higher jobs .