Organization Structure   In term of Enterprise Structuring and Re-Structuring.

On  the development of corporate level organizational structure  , including:

  • Corporate organization in terms of key functions, role of each function, inter-relationship between various functions (specifically functions relating to Training and Career Development, Corporate Planning and Investment, and Financial Controls); and
  • Optimized manning levels within each function key positions, roles and responsibilities and reporting relationships, within each function (the roles and responsibilities will include authority levels and delegation procedures).

Our approach in designing the organization structures for new entity would be based on our experience of the business solution reforms and restructuring and inputs on best practices followed by. However, our recommendations would be based on the specific context and issues that are impacting your Company . We would also keep in mind the future business plans and the specific objectives of your sector reforms in the national level.

Our approach to developing the organizational structures for the new entities would include the following work steps:

  1. Understand the business context
  2. Review current organization structure of your company
  3. Review of best practices/commercial and industry perspective
  4. Development of the design principles and organization structure options
  5. Detail the preferred option
  6. Develop recommendations for appropriate manning levels
  7. Institutional development plan (to include delegation of authority and roles and responsibility statements).