NSD BS1 (NSD Billing System)
NSD BS1 (NSD Billing System)  

NSD provides a comprehensive, flexible and integrated solution which can be, easily,integrated into the customer and management environment. The NSD solution is a complete system for managing and operating professional public wired and wireless LANs (PLAN) also defined hotspots or hot zones based on technologies such as WiFi, WiMax or WiBro.NSD Networks provides everything you need to offer a packaged service for wireless or wired Internet access.

The system is a robust carrier-class system solution with all the features you can expect and many more, both for operators and as a managed service.

The solution is designed for smooth operation of advanced Public LANs. The core component is the NSD Service Management Platform. It is used together with NSD’s Access Gateway. Since the solution is based on an open structure, the platform can also operate with gateways from other vendors for basic functionalities. The system solution is aimed at operators running multi-site networks, but is also offered as a managed service for non-operators or operators who can benefit from a short time to market.

 In today’s marketplace, companies strive to provide a customer friendly environment for clients, business partners and contractors. Until recently, this meant risking opening the internal network (WLAN, LAN, WAN) to external people.

The NSD Guest Internet Access System, in conjunction with network infrastructure from leading infrastructure manufactures, provides a secure and cost-effective solution for enterprises wishing to provide secure temporary Internet access capabilities at a single campus or within multiple offices.

The NSD Guest Internet Access System is built for managing broadband access services in large public, semi-public and private access zones. The system facilitates for easy and scalable service delivery, administration and monitoring for enterprises that want to operate and manage a large scale guest Internet access service deployment with minimal effort.

System Description - NSD Service Management Platform (SMP) - Definition:

This is the core of the NSD solution. The service management platform deals with authentication, service control, access management, roaming, payment services, provisioning, configuration, statistics and monitoring, and coexists with the surrounding network infrastructure. The NSD Service Management Platform is placed at the customer’s network operation center (NOC) or at any of the NSD data centers if the service is run as a managed service.

The NSD Service Management Platform (SMP) is the state-of-the-art base for delivering carrier-grade broadband access services in large public, semi public and private access zones. The platform facilitates for easy and scalable service delivery, administration and monitoring.

Together with access control gateways, such as the NSD Access Gateway, the NSD SMP allows for management and administration of services running over wired and wireless networks based on e.g. WiFi, WiMAX, WiBro and FWA. These services are typically offered by service providers in places such as airports, hotels, conference centers, in metropolitan and rural areas, and on enterprise campuses for guest access. 

Key Features

 Access and service control: The NSD Service Management Platform provides a secure access control function for user authentication based on standard RADIUS.

 Billing interface support: The NSD SMP generates information that is used for billing post-processing by the service provider.

 Customer care interface: This function provides a management interface for administration of a wide range of account types (post-paid, pre-paid, volume based, time based, etc.). The interface provides logs and exports user oriented events to available customer care systems.

 Network ManagementContains a set of functions to allow installation and configuration of the NSD SMP as well as performance and fault management. This functionality also supports central configuration and software upgrades of multiple NSD Access Controllers to simplify the effort of maintaining a large deployment of the system making sure the solution software is always kept up-to-date.

 Redundancy: The NSD SMP can be installed in parallel for redundancy. Automatic database synchronization, failure detection and switch between active servers are supported.

 Access Gateway support: The NSD Service Management Platform is capable to interwork with a number of 3rd party access gateway brands and models from market leading vendors. NSD Networks does also complement the solution through the availability of the NSD Access Controller.

 Captive Portal management: Dynamic web pages enable freedom to design each site’s captive portal page uniquely to provide a separate look and feel for each location. This function provides a tool for time saving modifications of captive portal pages where sign-up and purchase of services is offered.

 End-user ease-of-use: Mobile devices do not require any specific software other than a standard web browser or a supported connection client to access the service.

 Subscriber and Account Management: The Subscriber Management module gives the administrator belonging to the service provider, full management access of the user accounts. Optional features for end-user self-provisioning and corporate account management is available.

 Authentication & Payment options:

  • Pre-registered user accounts based on standard RADIUS.
  • Support for Roaming users based on RADIUS proxy including opaque credential handling. A large number of service provider. roaming interfaces are validated by the NSD solution and its customers.
  • Voucher accounts, based on time, duration, number of sessions, data volume limits, etc.
  • E-voucher accounts for secure and controlled guest access.
  • On-line credit card payment.
  • SMS authentication based on one-time passwords.
  • Premium-SMS payment.
  • 802.1x authentication and support for EAP over RADIUS.
  • PMS (Property Management System) interface support for direct hotel bill charges.

Virtual operators: Access rights to parts of the NSD SMP can be configured to different administrator classes as well as individual service providers sharing the same access network.

Guest Internet Access System: Expand the potential of your business by providing secure temporary Internet access to customers, business partners and contractors without jeopardizing the security of your internal network.

 A Natural Step to Take:

  • All enterprises and medium-sized businesses have a LAN and Internet connection in place and most companies have already implemented  wireless solutions for their employees.
  • Most companies have meetings and workshops with customers and business partners in the office.
  • Most companies use contractors, consultants and external resources that need temporary access to the Internet.
  • Most companies strive to provide a customer friendly environment.

Increases the Value of your Network:

  • Gives your company a customer-friendly image
  • Plug and Play for customers, partners and contractors
  • Doesn’t require special IT skills for the employees to make use of it
  • Secure, efficient and cost effective for large scale deployments
  • Frees up time for the IT departments, no more outdated user accounts to manage
  • Provides all the reports and statistics functions you need
  • Can be up and running in a matter of days

Leading enterprises around the world uses the NSD Guest Internet Access System to improve customer satisfaction while relieving local IT staff of time-consuming administrative tasks.