Personnel Management (PA)

It is a complete integrated system for supporting the planning and control of personnel activities, The Human Resources Management system consists of many components, which are capable of working together.

NSD Human Resources / Personnel Administration (PA); allows you to assign employees to the company's organizational units and structures during the hiring process, as well as maintain important employee personal data, such as, change in cost center, salary, address, etc... through out the employee's life cycle at the company.

NSD Human Resources Applications

The Human Resources Management is an integrated application (Module) of NSD ERP SYSTEM.

The Personnel Administration (PA) Component of HR Module include the below functionalities:

  • Actions: Hiring - Termination - Assignment - Re-assignment - Dead - Leaves... , and you can customize your NSD System to add what you need as Actions.
  • Maintain Personnel Data: This functionality allows you to modify all employees' information knowing that the system keeps your old employee's data in the history, you can, very easily, have access to the history screen by screen.
  • Display Personnel Data: By displaying the personnel data, the users can only see the data, they are not allowed to modify it.
  • Personnel File: Once your employee's data are in the system, the personnel file shows you only the screens with all data.