Time Management (TM)

It a complete integrated system for supporting the planning and control of personnel activities. The Human Resources Management system consists of many components, which are capable of working together.

NSD Human Resources / Time Management sub-Module (TM); provides full functionality for management of time and leave information in the Company including time collection and evaluation of time and absence data for employees.

The NSD ERP SYSTEM Time Management:

  • Allows you to display and record working times flexibly.
  • Information on working times is used to calculate gross wages in NSD SYSTEM Payroll Accounting.
  • Several options are available for recording working times, including a central time sheet, online menus, time recording systems, and Employee Self-Service (ESS) applications.
  • You can manage time accounts (such as leave, flextime) manually or automatically.
  • Working times can be used for activity allocation in Controlling. Costs generated by the working times can be assigned according to their source in Controlling.
  • Information from NSD SYSTEM Time Management is used in NSD SYSTEM-Logistics and Project Management to determine employees' availability for capacity requirements planning.

Process Definition

The Personnel Time Management component offers you support in performing all human resources processes involving the planning, recording, and valuation of employees' work performed and absence times.

NSD Human Resources Applications

The Human Resources Management is an integrated application (Module) of NSD ERP SYSTEM.

Implementation Considerations:

You can select the scope of functions individually within Personnel Time Management. It encompasses:

  • Simple administration of leave and illness times.
  • Planning of workforce requirements.
  • Valuation of attendance and absence times for the management of time accounts and determination of overtime and bonus wage types.
  • Processing of incentive wage data (for example, piecework wage).
  • Personnel Time Management supports online data entry, time recording systems, and other self-service applications. All data is processed in the same way, regardless of the data entry method.
  • Personnel Time Management supports centralized data entry by time data administrators, decentralized data entry by production supervisors, for example, or by employees themselves.


Personnel Time Management is embedded in the basic functions of Personnel Administration.


You can select the scope of functions individually within Personnel Time Management. It encompasses:

  • Comply with legal, pay scale, and contractual working time provisions
  • Record time data manually supported by the system
  • Process data from time recording devices or Employee Self-Service applications
  • Evaluate time data and provide bonus and overtime wage types for NSD SYSTEM - Payroll or a third-party payroll system
  • Administrate time accounts (for example, flextime balances, leave entitlements, annual working time accounts)
  • Record and administrate data for piecework wage or bonus payment