Recruitment (REC)

It a complete integrated system for supporting the planning and control of personnel activities. The Human Resources Management system consists of many components, which are capable of working together.

NSD Human Resources / Recruitment (REC):

Enables you to optimize the recruitment process triggered by vacant positions by linking the Company organizational process, from organizational and job planning to mailing letters of rejection or acceptance.

NSD Human Resources Applications

The Human Resources Management is an integrated application (Module) of NSD ERP SYSTEM.

NSD Human Resources / Recruitment Sub- module (REC):

This component has all the functions that you need for working through the entire recruitment procedure, from creating applicant data to filling vacant positions.
The Recruitment component contains an entire range of powerful, flexible functions that you can use to implement an effective - and largely automated - recruitment strategy.
You can use the Recruitment component to recruit human resources according to requirements, at any time.
You can increase the number of applicants available to your enterprise, and include them in the selection procedure for vacancies, by advertising for personnel (using job advertisements, for example) or by receiving unsolicited applications. You can store applicants that you have not deemed suitable for a particular vacancy in the Applicant Pool