Students Management System (NSD ERP SMS)
Students Management System (NSD ERP SMS)  

Developed Based on the best Business Practice for the best management of schools and universities.

Although education continues to be a noble activity in all its aspects and types (schools, Institutes, Universities...), and today, it becomes a real industry which needs to have the last and best tools and solutions in terms of technology,

Conscious of the needs and importance of the education sector, NSD decided to create and develop an integrated application which allows the professional of education to enhance and improve their daily work and challenge.

The NSD ERP SYSTEM is enhanced by this new application (Students Management System).

Hence our aim is to provide to you a system (solution) that allows you to increase productivity, reduce operating cost, and increase students and teachers satisfaction.

Connecting all the departments to one single system thus reducing duplication of data entry and allows for easy access & retrieval of information by all the data holders such as teachers and the school administer.

The NSD ERP - SMS is completely integrated with the internal alert system allowing the administrator to be informed by any critical student’s data.

Students Admission:

The NSD SMS allows you to manage two types of admissions:

  • Direct admission
  • Competitive Entry examination

All related data, fees, pre-conditions, interview are managed.

Students Management:

The NSD SMS allows you to manage two types of admissions:

  • Ability to maintain and display all student data at any time
  • Managing student’s tardiness (late and absences)
  • Possibility to group the student’s screens
  • Having possibility to move student internal and external (school) with all related forms
  • Ability to manage learning locality
  • Effective communication between teachers, parents, and the students
  • Complete automation of all operations
  • Centrally stored information with zero redundancy
  • High level data security


  • All type of actions as the register new students
  • Automatic or manual student’s code
  • Full integrated with all module
  • Registered all type of students data and all students information
  • Authenticated profile dependent access to data

Students Information:

  • Getting student lists, by nationality, religion, class, course...
  • Scanning and archiving of all students document and data
  • Having the possibility to limit the access to the student data at the screen level

Students Movement:

  • Reports for families about their students on the Web
  • Managing student’s courses
  • Entering management comments on students
  • Have access to all data for student’s communication

Students Accounts:

  • Fully integrated with all other operational areas of a school ensures that the accounting data is always complete and accurate
  • Recording all students transactions
  • Managed for all types of fees
  • It has customized billing codes for flexible information and reports including receipts, invoices, deposit lists, past and overdue.
  • Possibility to group the student account or payment bracket

Library (Librarian) Management:

  • Complete for borrowing and student tracking information
  • Integrated with fines and collections
  • Possible for checking library details on line
  • Functions for barcode

Time table:

  • Possible to view faculty profile on website
  • Monitored time for each class by teacher


  • Advance and consumption particulars
  • Monitored daily pay out limit
  • Integrated with receipt and sales

Students Appraisal:

  • Academic student details can be checked on line
  • Monitored performances and academic results at a detailed level

Students History:

This NSD SMS functionality allows you to keep and manage the history of your students; this history can be related to all students’ data, before to joint your school or university, during the schooling, and after it.

Also, the scanning system, fully integrated to the NSD SMS, allows you to keep a copy of all notes, diploma, certifications...

Our module provides you new techniques to help you improve and organize the daily functions and routines. It has fully integrated accounting suit for school, most importantly access to all such information can be shared with authorized users and reports easily generated. This solution allow to manage streamline and centralized virtually every aspect of your organization, from course and class management to enrollment, tuition, scholarship, grading , attendance, events, donations, marketing, reporting, facilities management and beyond, all within a single solution.

No third party software is used or integrated with the NSD ERP-Students Management System, that allows you to avoid all conflicts or problems related to the:

  • Integration
  • Upgrade
  • Enhancement
  • Maintenance and Support

Knowing that NSD ERP SYSTEM is a customizing system allowing the users to customize and integrate all their business rules, in case or any of these business rules is not manageable, directly by your staff, we draw your attention to that, NSD Engineers and Consultants have the capability to take into consideration and develop any necessary business rules related to your activity.