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BCS Module / Human resources Application (HR)


NSD System is designed and developed for various organizations, information management, analysis and power reports tools.

NSD has several layers. The Basis System is the heart of the data operations and should be not evident to higher level or managerial users. Other customizing and implementation tools exist also. The heart of the system from a manager’s viewpoint is the application modules. These modules may not all be implemented in a typical company but they are all related "integrated" and are listed below:

HR        Human Resources including the Payroll
LO        Logistics including (Materials and Warehouses Management)
SD        Sales and Distribution including point of sale
FI          Financial Accounting including Asset Management
PD        Production Management
PRM     Project Management

 Human resources Application (HR)

This application is a complete integrated system for supporting the planning and control of personnel activities. It includes Six (6) Sub Applications:

  • Personnel Administration
  • Organizational Management
  • Time Management
  • Payroll
  • Recruitment Management
  • Training Management

NSD BCS – HR – System Sub – Application

 HR – PA (Personal Administration)

Allows you to assign employees to the company’s organizational units and structures during the hiring process, as well as maintain all employee personal data, such as, salary, address, etc... through out the employee’s life cycle at the company.

  1. Personal Actions: Allows you to use many customized actions (Hiring, Reassignment, Terminated...), all these customized actions consist of a lot of screens (infotypes) called automatically by the system, as a cycle.
  2. Maintain Personal Data: Allows the user to modify all information related to the employees.
  3. Display Personal Data: Allows the user to preview all information related the employees.

 HR – OM (Organization Management)

Allows you to depict your organizational and reporting structures clearly by presenting an up-to-date picture your enterprise’s organizational plan.

  1. OM Structure: Allows the user to preview the organization structure and get full information about all departments and branches and hired employees.
  2. Define Business Unite: Allows the user to create and define the business unites depending on the divisions of your company.
  3. Define Work Centers: Allows user to create the work centers (work center is the geographical description for the business unite).
  4. Define Jobs: Allows user to create all jobs which existing in the company (Manager, Sales, Purchase...)
  5. Define Positions:Allows the user to create the positions for the employees in the company (Sales manager, Support Engineer...)
  6. Position Details:This functionality allows you to manage your positions one by one, especially the vacant positions. In case where you have a vacant position, the system select for you the a list of all qualified employees having the competence to occupy this position also and in same time, it gives you a list of the qualified applicants, capable, too, to be hired and occupy this vacant position.

In addition to the above and through the same screen (Position details), the system allows you to make a comparison between the needs of the vacant positions and the selected person (employee or applicant) in case where the selected person needs training, the system show you the points and plan for you a training session.

 HR – Time Management (TM)

Provides full functionality for management of time and leave information in the client company including time collection and evaluation of time and absence data for employees.

  1. Emp Time Rule: Allows the user to create the time rules for the employees (how the employee has to work from which time up to time).
  2. Time Sheet: Allows employee to insert his time sheet.
  3. Leave Request: Allows user to create a leave request and send this request to his manager to get the approve.
  4. Leave Approve: Allows the HR manager to give his approval for the leave request and this feature just for the HR Manager.
  5. Absence: This option allows the user to insert the absence days for the employee (which absence without get the leave approve)
  6. Over Time Request: Allows the user to create an overtime request and send it to his manager.
  7. Over Time Approve: Allows the HR manager to give his approval for the overtime request and this feature just for the HR Manager.
  8. Over Time: This option allows the user to insert the over time sheet for the employees.
  9. Time Tree: Allows the user to create and customize a tree for timing processes to use it by the company’s employees whose aren’t system user

 HR – Payroll (PY)

Covers all essential the functions of your payroll such as the earnings and deductions and preparation of remuneration statements, bank transfers and follow up activities such as transfer of information to Financials.

  1. Payroll Calculation: Allows the user to run the simulation for the payroll to check the results then run the payroll and post the results to the account department.
  2. Payroll History: Allows the user to get information about the results of the payroll for previous months and changing rules of the payrolls.

 HR – Recruitments

  1. Vacant Position Details:This option allows you to get full information about vacant position in the company and the required needs and budget for this position.
    In this screen you can see all employee whose are suitable for this option and you can make comparison between the qualification of the employee and the position needs same the procedure when create the position as explained in the define position in the sub-application Organization Management.
  2. Applicant Managements:This option allows you to create customize actions related just for the applicant that you can make management for this applicant using these actions same as the actions and management for the hired standard employee.
    You can determine the applicant actions by put the check box and the all remaining configure as the standard actions for the standard employee.

 HR – Training:

Vacant Position Details:

Once a position is vacant within your organization the system alerts you and propose to you tow lists of qualified peoples who can occupy this vacant position. The first list concerns your employees and the second list concerns the applicants already entered on your database.

Selecting one person, the system compare between his qualifications and the defined needs of your vacant position and gives you a graphic showing the result of this comparison and if this selected person needs a training or no and the area of his weak points.

Also we can register the employee for training by clicking the register E to training the system will open the training screen as below:

From this sub application, and based on the result of profiles comparison, the system allows you to register your selected person on a training session.

Internal Training:

1- Training Locations and Rooms:
  • Training Locality: Same as IMG Location just to define the training Location.
  • Training Rooms: To define the training rooms with required equipment with possibility to define the employee capacity in each room.

2- Training Catalogs and Trainers:

  • Training Catalog: to define the catalog with training Structure and Minum and maximum trainees, the cost depending on the selected billing category, the trainers (Internal, External), the Lessons and the catalog needs.
  • External Trainer: to define the full information about the external trainer with vendors company and the qualification.

3- Training Management:

  • Trainer Qualification: To define the qualification for the trainer from the company (Internal Trainers).
  • Define Training Sessions: Allows you to create the training session with assignment with the training catalog and the training Admin (the training Admin is an employee selected as training admin while hiring the employee by put the check box for the training Admin), the Trainer with password and the location, rooms, and begin & end training session date
  • Register the Employee: There are two trainees type one is the same company employees (Internal Trainees) and second is the customer’ employee (External Trainees), and this option allows you to register the company employee to the training session by select internal trainees or external trainees by select put the check box on external trainees and select the customer company and the customer employees.
  • Define Trainees: To define the full information related the external trainees.

4- Trainer and Admin Spaces:

  • Trainer Space: Allows the trainer to make view for the trainees in his session and get information about it like time sheet.
  • Admin Space: Allows the training Admin to make view for the trainees in his session and get information about it like time sheet.

External Training:

  1. Define Training Sessions: To define the training session made by external vendor not the same company:
  2. Register Trainees: To register the trainees to the external training session.

 HR – Utilities

  1. Employee Offer: Allows the user to create working offer for any person as first step to hire him in the company.
  2. Training Report: Allows employee to create a report for the training course which attended and send it to his manager.
  3. Salesman Payment:Allows user to generate the commission for the sales man depending on his sales and defined percentage.
  4. Auto Time Sheet:Allows the user to insert the time sheet for chosen employee automatically and the same time for certain month.
  5. Scanning Documents: This option allows the get a copy from the certain document and related of the employees
  6. Applicant Report: Allows the user to get full information about all applicants in hired in the system.
  7. Employee Vacation History: Allows the user to get full information about the details of payment of vacations related of the employee.
  8. Define Vehicles: Allows the user to define all information related the vehicles in the company (deriver, papers...)
  9. My Comment MNG: Allows the responsible employee to insert his comments related of any employee.
  10. Import and Export Time Data: Allows you to upload the time sheet file from the time attendance machine to the system and calculate the payroll depending on the this time sheet.

 HR – Reports

This option allows user to get a quickly views about all processes done in the system in each functions and sub-functions, also, you have the possibility to customize your own report through the Query report functionality.