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NSD BCS Module / Point of Sale (POS)



NSD System is designed and developed for various organizations, information management, analysis and power reports tools.


NSD has several layers. The Basis System is the heart of the data operations and should be not evident to higher level or managerial users. Other customizing and implementation tools exist also. The heart of the system from a manager’s viewpoint is the application modules. These modules may not all be implemented in a typical company but they are all related "integrated" and are listed below:

HR        Human Resources including the Payroll
LO        Logistics including (Materials and Warehouses Management)
SD        Sales and Distribution including point of sale
FI          Financial Accounting including Asset Management
PD        Production Management
PRM     Project Management

Point of Sale (POS)

NSD BCS – POS – some details

NSD POS is a powerful and practical sales management and inventory control system for retail, wholesale. It’s the perfect solution to improve the efficiency and profitability your business.

Characterized by a vast array of features, surprising flexibility and the best support service in the trading,

NSD POS software is the core of the sales management and inventory control system used in thousands of independent stores, wholesale distributors, and specialty chains. NSD POS is an affordable and reliable off-the-shelf solution for owner operated retail stores, plus it offers unrivaled speed and flexibility for multi-lane and multi-location businesses.

To access the POS system hovers over sales on the system menu and click the Point Of Sale link on the sub menu that appears.

The POS screen allows you to capture various transaction types:

  • Customers Management (Information, History, Black list, Fidelity...)
  • Customer Credit and Debit Management
  • Customer Loan Management
  • Sales Man Management (Sales Users Management)
  • Store Management
  • Shops Management
  • Sales Planning
  • Customer Invoicing Management
  • All related reports...