NSD Products   In addition to our main product, the packages NSD ERP System, and BCS (Business Controlling System) which are an applications system including the essential modules and components necessary for the best Enterprise Business Process Management.
Theses ERP system (NSD ERP and NSD BCS) are designed and developed based on the best business practice, they are intended for a small, Medium, and huge Enterprises.
NSD has, also, an excellent products range developed and intended for all size of companies.

Because you need the flexibility to stimulate innovation and growth - while containing costs and maintaining operational control. NSD Systems meet all of these challenges, providing the necessary functionality to increase efficiency across your enterprise.

Gain new market insights and adapt quickly to market changes. Sense and respond to customer requirements in real time. Extend processes beyond the organization to include customers, suppliers, and partners. That's the power of the NSD Systems. they combines the most complete, scalable, and effective software for Enterprise resource planning with a flexible, open technology platform that can leverage and integrate NSD and non-NSD systems.

Our Related services

We provide expertise in implementation, integration, and operation planning. We bring a wealth of business and technology expertise for our worldwide and Middle East clients. Based on our understanding of the client's business requirements as well as environment NSD teams assure you a complete cycle of services as:
  1. NSD SYSTEMS Implementation
  2. Training & documentation
  3. Maintenance , Upgrade and Support
  1. Offering proven methodologies, advanced software tools, and best practices to get your NSD solution up and running quickly to contribute into your business goals.
  2. Work with the client to develop an implementation strategy focused on his key priorities.
  3. Create an implementation plan that enables you to manage project scope and evaluate progress along the way.
  4. NSD based implementation methodology
Training & Documentation

Two type of training are assured by NSD

  1. Power Users Training
  2. End Users Training

The above training are started upon your acquisition of any of the NSD software until its complete implementation (GO LIVE),
Concerning the documentation, NSD assure you a detailed end users (System Navigation) manual and a power users customizing manual.

Maintenance & Upgrade

Our Services Maintenance gives the client various options, each designed to keep his NSD solution up and running. These include: NSD Standard Support Includes system performance monitoring, proactive services, and access to NSD experts.