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An alphabetical listing of General terms and items.

N/C (No Connection)   Dico Tools
A connector point for which there is no internal connection.

Nawabari   Dico Tools
The format of defences of a Japanese castle; the castle's plan. 

NBS   Dico Tools
National Bureau of Standards.

NEC   Dico Tools
National Electric Codes.

Negative Temperature Coefficient   Dico Tools
A decrease in resistance with an increase in temperature.

NEMA-12   Dico Tools
A standard from the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, which defines enclosures with protection against dirt, dust, splashes by non-corrosive liquids, and salt spray.

NEMA-4   Dico Tools
A standard from the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, which defines enclosures intended for indoor or outdoor use primarily to provide a degree of protection against windblown dust and rain, splashing water, and hose-directed water.

NEMA-7   Dico Tools
A standard from the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, which defines explosion-proof enclosures for use in locations classified as Class I, Groups A, B, C or D, as specified in the National Electrical Code.

NEMA-Size Case   Dico Tools
An older US case standard for panel meters, which requires a panel cutout of 3.93 x 1.69 inches.

Nernst Equation   Dico Tools
A mathematical description of electrode behavior

Network   Dico Tools
A group of computers that are connected to each other by communications lines to share information and resources.

Nibble   Dico Tools
One half of a byte.

Nicrosil/Nisil   Dico Tools
A nickel chrome/nickel silicone thermal alloy used to measure high temperatures. Inconsistencies in thermoelectric voltages exist in these alloys with respect to the wire gage.

Ninomaru   Dico Tools
The second defensive compound of a Japanese castle, which either surrounded or was adjacent to the honmaru or the main compound.

Nitroglycerin   Dico Tools
An explosive compound made from a mixture of glycerol and concentrated nitric and sulfuric acids, and an important ingredient of most forms of dynamite

NMR (Normal-Mode Rejection)   Dico Tools
The ability of a panel meter to filter out noise superimposed on the signal and applied across the SIG HI to SIG LO input terminals. Normally expressed in dB at 50/60 Hz.

Noise   Dico Tools
An unwanted electrical interference on the signal wires.

Normal (axial) Stress   Dico Tools
The force per unit area on a given plane within a body a = F/A

Normal Hydrogen Electrode   Dico Tools
A reversible hydrogen electrode (Pt) in contact with hydrogen gas at 1 atmosphere partial pressure and immersed in a solution containing hydrogen ions at unit activity.

Normal-mode Rejection Ratio   Dico Tools
The ability of an instrument to reject interference usually of line frequency (50-60 Hz) across its input terminals.

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Notched Merlon   Dico Tools
See Italian merlon, merlon.

NPT   Dico Tools
National Pipe Thread.

Null   Dico Tools
A condition, such as balance, which results in a minimum absolute value of output.

Numerus   Dico Tools
A Roman fort used to house irregular troop units call numeri (such as the numeri Brittonum). An example is the numerus fort at Hesselbach in Germany.

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