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An alphabetical listing of General terms and items.

O.D.   Dico Tools
Outside diameter.

Obos   Dico Tools
Prefabricated wooden palisade. (Russian)

Octal   Dico Tools
Pertaining to a base 8 number system.

Octogon   Dico Tools
An eight sided fortification.

Offset   Dico Tools
The difference in temperature between the set point and the actual process temperature. Also, referred to as droop.

Ofhc   Dico Tools
Oxygen-free high-conductivity copper. The industrial designation of the pure copper used in a Type T thermocouple.

Ogi No Kobai   Dico Tools
The ishigaki or stone wall of a Japanese castle that were concave in traverse section, forming a parabolic shape. As the stone walls of a castle were made higher, the slope had to be changed to accommodate the increased stresses incurred. The concave shape also avoided the creation of dead ground at the base of the wall. (J. folding fan shape).

Ogival Bastion   Dico Tools
A bastion provided with a V shaped ogival point which was situated facing the most likely direction of attack, the ogival point added to the structural strength of the bastion, thus it was better able to resist battering by siege engine or artillery.

Ogival Point   Dico Tools
The sharp angled masonry projection of a tower which were used to eliminate dead ground at the base of the tower and add to its structural strength. See ogival bastion.

Ohmeter   Dico Tools
An instrument used to measure electrical resistance.

Oilet, Oillet   Dico Tools
The circular part of an arrow slit situated at the ends, the middle, the bottom or all of the above mentioned, which was used to give archers a greater field of fire. Also known as a loop or spy-hole. See loop (2).

On/off Controller   Dico Tools
A controller whose action is fully on or fully off.

Ondecagon   Dico Tools
A fortification which has eleven sides.

Open Circuit   Dico Tools
The lack of electrical contact in any part of the measuring circuit. An open circuit is usually characterized by rapid large jumps in displayed potential, followed by an off-scale reading.

Open Flank   Dico Tools
The portion of a flank covered by the orillion.

Operating System   Dico Tools
A collection of programs that controls the overall operation of a computer and performs such tasks as assigning places in memory to programs and data, processing interrupts, scheduling jobs and controlling the overall input/output of the system.

Operational PH   Dico Tools
The determination of sample pH by relating to pH measurements in a primary standard solution. This relationship assumes that electrode errors such as sensitivity and changes in asymmetry potential can be disregarded or compensated for, provided the liquid junction potential remains constant between standard and sample.

Optical Isolation   Dico Tools
Two networks which are connected only through an LED transmitter and photoelectric receiver with no electrical continuity between the two networks.

Ordu   Dico Tools
A Turkish/Mongolian capital/palace which could be fortified, some consisted of concentric walls with towers.

Orillion, Orillon   Dico Tools
A semi-circular projection at the shoulder of a bastion, projecting past the normal flank of a rampart and parapet; the curve of the orillion is convex to the ditch. Used to protect a flanking battery and defenders on the flank.

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Oubliette   Dico Tools
A dungeon with only one opening which was situated in its vault, usually covered by a trapdoor; a secret pit in floor of a dungeon into which a prisoner could be thrown. (Fr. oublier, to forget).

Outboard Rotor   Dico Tools
A two-journal rotor which has its center of gravity between the journals.

Outer Bailey   Dico Tools
The bailey situated between the middle bailey or inner defences and the surrounding country; the defence which includes the main entrance, also known as the outer ward. See barbican, concentric castle.

Outer Curtain Wall   Dico Tools
The curtain wall surrounding the outer bailey. See concentric castle.

Output   Dico Tools
The electrical signal which is produced by an applied input to the transducer.

Output Impedance   Dico Tools
The resistance as measured on the output terminals of a pressure transducer.

Output Noise   Dico Tools
The RMS, peak-to-peak (as specified) ac component of a transducer's dc output in the absence of a measurand variation.

Outwork   Dico Tools
(1) The surrounding outer wall of a fortification. (2) Defences constructed beyond the line of the main works, designed

Overshoot   Dico Tools
The number of degrees that a process exceeds the set point temperature when coming up to the set point temperature.

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