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An alphabetical listing of General terms and items.

Z-plan Tower House   Dico Tools
A tower house consisting of a rectangular block with towers protruding at the two diagonally opposite corners, a number of gun ports covered every part of the buildings exterior walls, designed for the close quarters defence by musket and pistol. See tower house.

Zahafah   Dico Tools
Probably a fixed wooden tower for archers. (Arabic)

Zaqaziq   Dico Tools
A spiked hurdle used in field fortifications (Mamluk). (Arabic)

Zariba   Dico Tools
1) An Abbasid encampment surrounded by ditches and brushwood. 2) An Abbasid woven field defencework for protecting archers. (Abbasid)

Zero Adjustment   Dico Tools
The ability to adjust the display of a process or strain meter so that zero on the display corresponds to a non-zero signal, such as 4 mA, 10 mA, or 1 V dc. The adjustment range is normally expressed in counts.

Zero Offset   Dico Tools
1. The difference expressed in degrees between true zero and an indication given by a measuring instrument. 2. See Zero Suppression

Zero Point   Dico Tools
The electrical zero point where zero millivolts would be displayed. Used in conjunction with the slope control to provide a narrower range calibration.

Zero Power Resistance   Dico Tools
The resistance of a thermistor or RTD element with no power being dissipated.

Zero Suppression   Dico Tools
The span of an indicator or chart recorder may be offset from zero (zero suppressed) such that neither limit of the span will be zero. For example, a temperature recorder which records a 100  span from 400  to 500  is said to have 400  zero suppression.

Zero Voltage Switching   Dico Tools
The making or breaking of circuit timed such that the transition occurs when the voltage wave form crosses zero voltage; typically only found in solid state switching devices.

Zig Zag   Dico Tools
A trench excavated by besiegers and running towards the besieged position from the parallel trench in a zig zag pattern, to reduce the amount of exposure to defensive fire from the besieged. See approaches.

Zooming   Dico Tools
In computer graphics, causing an object to appear smaller or larger by moving the window and specifying various window sizes.

Zwinger   Dico Tools
An outworks consisting of an outer courtyard surrounded by curtain walls provided with flanking towers, forming part of a concentric fortification. (G. keep).

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