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An alphabetical listing of General terms and items.

Hacker   Dico Tools
Person who uses computers to access ("hack") systems they are not supposed to have access to, eg other people's financial details, personnel files, military secrets etc. Hacking can get you arrested.

HAND   Dico Tools
(Have A Nice Day) Internet slang, often used ironically.

Hard Disk   Dico Tools
A computer's main (and fastest and most convenient) storage for programs and data. Originally named to distinguish it from floppy disks. All PCs are fitted with hard disks, sometimes more than one. The first (or only) hard disk is usually called C: by the computer. The most popular hard disk format is called EIDE.

Hardware   Dico Tools
The physical parts of a computer.

HD   Dico Tools
(Hard Disk Drive) The main data storage unit in a computer. See hard disk.

Homepage   Dico Tools
A page on the World Wide Web. Confusingly "homepage" is used indiscriminately to describe several slightly different things : an amateur's hobby site; the front or main page of any website; or the page which your browser first goes to when you start it up.

Hotspot   Dico Tools
A location where a computer can connect to a wireless network (see Wi-Fi).

HTH   Dico Tools
(Hope This Helps) Internet slang, often added at the end of an email or newsgroup post answering a question.

HTML   Dico Tools
(HyperText Markup Language) The system used for creating World Wide Web pages, ordinary text with commands for special effects like pictures, colour and links enclosed between < > symbols. You can add the various HTML commands to ordinary text by hand - it's not difficult, see Absolute Beginner's HTML - or have it generated for you by software, either one of the many specialist editors or even a word processing program like Microsoft Word (although Word isn't very good at it).

Http   Dico Tools
(HyperText Transfer Protocol) The protocol or "language" computers use to send web pages over the internet. Almost every WWW address starts "http://", though many browsers understand if you omit it.

Hub   Dico Tools
A basic device for connecting computers together to form a network.

Hung   Dico Tools
If a computer (or sometimes just a program) gets completely stuck and refuses to do anything, it has hung. See also lockup.

Hyperlink   Dico Tools
Any kind of link on a webpage. Unless you typed this page's URL in by hand, you got here by clicking on a hyperlink.

Hypertext   Dico Tools
A way of presenting text so that you can click on a link within it, say a cross-reference, and instantly be transported to the relevant text, whether it is elsewhere in the current document or in another document entirely. The most obvious examples are World Wide Web pages and Windows helpfiles.

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