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An alphabetical listing of General terms and items.

IANAL   Dico Tools
(I Am Not A Lawyer) Internet slang. Amazing how often this one comes up.

IBM   Dico Tools
(International Business Machines) The company that designed and built the first PCs, and still a giant of the industry. Standard PCs were originally referred to as "IBM compatible", although IBM no longer controls the PC standard.

Icon   Dico Tools
Small pictogram either representing a file, or providing shortcuts for carrying out common tasks such as saving and printing inside an application.

IDE   Dico Tools
(Integrated Drive Electronics ) A type of PC hard disk, now obsolete, the foreunner of EIDE.

IE   Dico Tools
(Internet Explorer) Microsoft's web browser, included free in Windows. If followed by a number (IE6, IE5 etc) it refers to a particular version of that browser.

IIRC   Dico Tools
(If I Recall Correctly) Internet slang.

IM   Dico Tools
(Instant Messenging) A program that allows you to "chat" live via keyboard over the internet. Both parties must be running the same IM software - there are several different brands, mostly incompatible with each other.

IMO   Dico Tools
(In My (Honest) Opinion) Internet slang.

Inkjet   Dico Tools
A very popular colour printer technology, which works by squirting tiny jets of ink onto paper with great precision.

Install   Dico Tools
To transfer a program or programs from floppy disk or CD ROM onto a PC's hard disk. Most programs need to be installed before they can be used, though a few can be run directly from the floppy or CD.

Intel   Dico Tools
The Intel Corporation is the leading manufacturer of processor chips for PCs, most famously the Pentium.

Internet   Dico Tools
A vast worldwide network of computers, accessible to anyone with a computer, a modem, and a phone line. Provides access to e-mail and the World Wide Web. The Internet grew out of the need of academics to swap information with colleagues all over the world, and of the US military's need for a computer and communications network that couldn't easily be knocked out. As a result it is very difficult to censor, since anything placed on the World Wide Web from anywhere is instantly available everywhere in the world.

Intranet   Dico Tools
A private miniature internet which allows no or only limited access to the internet proper, for example to allow easy sharing of confidential files within a company or corporation.

IP   Dico Tools
(Internet Protocol ) A protocol (computer language) which computers use to communicate with and over the internet.

IP Address   Dico Tools
(Internet Protocol address) A unique number assigned to any computer connected to the internet, including yours, in the format Each of the four blocks of numbers can be any value from 0 to 255. They can either be assigned permanently ("static IP") or per session ("dynamic IP"). Most ISPs assign them dynamically, ie when you connect to the internet.

IPod   Dico Tools
The Apple Corporation's massively successful portable music player. See also iTunes.

ISA   Dico Tools
(Industry Standard Architecture; pr."icer") A once-common type of PC expansion card, now obsolete; see also EISA, PCI.

ISDN   Dico Tools
(Integrated Services Digital Network ) An early high speed (for its time) internet connection system mainly aimed at business, now largely obsolete. Requires a special type of modem called a Terminal Adaptor.

ISP   Dico Tools
(Internet Service Provider) A company which provides a connection to the internet, or internet services.

ISTM   Dico Tools
(It Seems To Me) Internet slang.

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ISTR   Dico Tools
(I Seem To Recall) Internet slang.

IT   Dico Tools
(Information Technology) What computers are all about - using technology to manage information. The computer industry is often called the IT industry, and computer departments often refer to themselves as the IT department.

ITunes   Dico Tools
The Apple Corporation's online music store, where you can download millions of music tracks to an iPod or computer - for a fee, of course. As with many Apple products, it is only compatible with Apple hardware and software.

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