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An alphabetical listing of General terms and items.

UBE   Dico Tools
(Unsolicited Bulk Email, Unsolicited Commercial Email) Email sent out in bulk to addresses harvested from web pages, newsgroups etc, advertising products or services - mostly scams or pornography. Also known as spam. Sending UCE is a violation of most ISP's Acceptable Use Policies, and will often get your account terminated immediately.

UDMA   Dico Tools
(Direct Memory Access) A standard for EIDE disk controllers relating to how fast they can transfer data. Often followed by a number representing the transfer rate in Mbps, eg UDMA100 operates at up to 100 Mbps.

Uninstall   Dico Tools
Remove a program from your system. You can't just delete its folder, because almost all programs make changes to various parts of Windows. Many programs come with a special uninstaller, which you should use if it exists. Otherwise, you can uninstall programs (in Windows) from the Control Panel.

Upload   Dico Tools
To transfer information (files) from a user PC to a network or the Internet. See also download.

URL   Dico Tools
(Universal Resource Locator) An address used to locate something on the internet, most often a web page. All web addresses are URLs.

USB   Dico Tools
(Universal Serial Bus) A type of serial port (or connector), used to attach extra devices such as a scanner to a PC. Standard on new PCs from around 1998. USB 2.0 is a faster version of the same thing. Many PCs now use USB to connect the mouse and keyboard.

Usenet   Dico Tools
An enormous collection of public newsgroups on the Internet, well over 25,000 at last count, which allow users to post messages discussing particular issues.

User Interface   Dico Tools
A program's controls, with which the user "interfaces" with the program.

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