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An alphabetical listing of General terms and items.

LAN   Dico Tools
(Local Area Network; pr."lan") A network of computers connected together, usually in a single department or building. See also WAN.

Laptop   Dico Tools
A portable PC, with system unit, screen and keyboard crammed into one small package. They can do pretty much everything a desktop PC can do, but are substantially more expensive because of the extra miniaturisation required. Also called a notebook.

Laser Printer   Dico Tools
A high speed printer intended mainly for office use, usually better for text than graphics, especially in colour.

LCD   Dico Tools
(Liquid Crystal Display) A type of computer screen, originally used only on laptops but now increasingly used for desktop PCs and even televisions.

Linux   Dico Tools
A rival PC operating system to Microsoft Windows, but unlike Windows it is "open source", which means that anyone can create their own version of it without having to pay royalties, and requires a much less powerful computer. Initially required a lot of technical knowledge, but is rapidly being made much more user-friendly and may soon start to challenge Windows' dominance.

Lockup   Dico Tools
An event which causes a computer to get stuck and refuse to do anything is a lockup. The computer is then said to be hung or locked up.

LOL   Dico Tools
(Laughing Out Loud) Internet slang.

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