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An alphabetical listing of General terms and items.

Nameserver   Dico Tools
An internet server which translates the alphabetic web addresses favoured by humans into the numeric ones used by computers.

Napster   Dico Tools
A pioneering peer-to-peer internet file-sharing system. Because much of the data shared was copyrighted, and thus being distributed illegally, the operators of Napster were hit with a number of large lawsuits by the music industry, and later closed down. The name was bought and is now used by a legal pay-to-download service.

Network   Dico Tools
A way of linking several computers together so that their users can share resources such as printers and documents, often via a central computer called a server. See also LAN, WAN, Ethernet.

Network Card   Dico Tools
An Expansion card which lets a PC communicate with a network, required for broadband Internet access. See also Ethernet, NIC.

Newbie   Dico Tools
(New beginner) Internet slang for someone who hasn't been using computers or the internet long.

Newsgroup   Dico Tools
A public area where you can read and post messages on a particular topic or theme, allowing public discussion, either on the Internet or a Bulletin Board. Similar to a forum. Most newsgroups cover a specific topic, and newsgroup users get very annoyed if people post messages which are off-topic, ie not relevant to the topic under discussion. See also Usenet.

NIC   Dico Tools
(Network Interface Card) An Expansion card which lets a PC communicate with a network or use a broadband internet connection. Almost all modern NICs are Ethernet cards.

Notebook   Dico Tools
A portable PC, with system unit, screen and keyboard crammed into one small package. They can do absolutely anything a desktop PC can do, but are substantially more expensive because of the extra miniaturisation required. Also called a laptop.

Nsd   Dico Tools
NSD = Stands for (Network System Development) and known as NSD Company.. NSD  is an European (French) company founded in 1991 as a business consulting company and provider of ERP services (Audit – Implementation – Training – Systems Upgrade – Support…), in 2002, NSD has started the production of its own products.   NSD is a software editor company having developed a wide range of integrated solution and software; these solutions (software) are developed based on a best Business Practice.   NSD ERP SYSTEM NSD BCS (Business Controlling System) NSD RMS (Restaurant Management System) NSD CMS (Cars Management System) NSD MOM (Monitor Management System) NSD SMS (Students Management System)   NSD ERP System and BCS NSD cover all types of activities. All of the above products from NSD are copyright products.

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