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An alphabetical listing of General terms and items.

Q   Dico Tools
Medical abbreviation for every, often used to specify drug dosing schedules (e.g., q6h means every 6 hours).

Qi   Dico Tools
Chinese term for vital energy or life force. Pronounced chee (see acupuncture).

QI (CHI)   Dico Tools
The vital energy believed to be responsible for health and disease in traditional Chinese medicine.

QIGONG   Dico Tools
A form of traditional Chinese exercise that promotes the healthy flow of qi.

Quadrangular   Dico Tools
Latin quadri = four and angulus = angle; hence square or rectangular.

Quadratus   Dico Tools
Latin = square or rectangular.

Quadriceps   Dico Tools
Latin quadri = four, and caput = head; hence, a 4-headed muscle.

Quadrigeminus   Dico Tools
Latin quadri = four, and gemini = paired or twinned; hence four-fold.

Relating to, or expressed in terms of, quality. A qualitative viral load test measures the presence of a virus.

Relating to, or expressed in terms of, quantity. A quantitative viral load test measures the amount of viral genetic material.

Individual genetic variants of HCV. Within a single genotype there may be multiple quasispecies.

Quick Relievers   Dico Tools
Medications that quickly open the bronchial tubes by relaxing the muscles surrounding these airways. Quick relievers can be used as needed for relief of asthmatic symptoms rather than on a regular schedule (see Asthma).

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