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An alphabetical listing of General terms and items.

Facsimile Machine (FAX)   Dico Tools
Machine capable of transmitting written input via telephone lines.

Factor   Dico Tools
A variable investigated in a statistical study.

Fashion Goods   Dico Tools
Goods where style is important and price is secondary. These products could include clothing, jewelry, furniture, draperies, and dishes, but can sometimes be stretched into other areas such as umbrellas, walking canes, cigarette holders, etc.

Feasibility Study   Dico Tools
An investigation into a proposed plan or project to determine whether and how it can be successfully and profitably carried out.

Federal Funds   Dico Tools
An deposits held in reserve by the Federal Reserve System.

Feedback   Dico Tools
The communication of responses and reactions to proposals and changes or to the findings of performance appraisals with the aim of enabling improvements to be made.

FIFO   Dico Tools
FIRST IN FIRST OUT, a method of inventory control where the stock of a given product first placed in store is used before more recently produced or acquired goods or materials.

Finance   Dico Tools
The money needed by an individual or company to pay for something, for example, a project or stocks.

Financial Statements   Dico Tools
Documents that show your financial situation.

Fiscal   Dico Tools
Relating to financial matters, especially in respect to government collection, use. and regulation of money through taxation.

Fixed Asset   Dico Tools
A long term asset of a business such as a machine or building that will not usually be traded.

Fixed Assets   Dico Tools
(sometimes called long term assets) these are usually non-liquid assets that are integral to the enterprise's day-to-day business operations such as plants, equipment, furniture and real estate.

Fixed Costs   Dico Tools
The day-to-day cost of doing business that is pre-committed, such as salaries, insurance, lease expenses, utilities, etc.

Fixed Expenses   Dico Tools
Those costs which don't vary from one period to the next. Generally, these expenses are not affected by the volume of business.

Float   Dico Tools
The period between the presentation of a check as payment and the actual payment to the payee.

Floating Rate   Dico Tools
An interest rate that is not fixed and which changes according to fluctuations in the market

Floor   Dico Tools
A lower limit on an interest rate, price, or the value of an asset.

Flow Chart   Dico Tools
A graphic representation of the stages in a process or system or the steps required to solve a problem.

Forecast   Dico Tools
A prediction of the value of a variable in a statistical study

Foreign Exchange   Dico Tools
Foreign exchange: The exchange of one currency for another, or the conversion of one currency into another currency. It also refers to the global market where currencies are traded virtually around-the-clock. The term foreign exchange is usually abbreviated as "forex" and occasionally as "FX."

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Forward Pricing   Dico Tools
The establishment of the price of a share in a mutual fund based on the next asset valuation.

Forward Rate   Dico Tools
An estimate of what an interest rate will be at a specified future time.

Franchise   Dico Tools
An agreement enabling a third party to sell or provide products or services owned by a manufacturer or supplier. The franchise is regulated by a franchise contract, or franchise agreement, that specifies the terms and conditions of the franchise.

Franchise Chain   Dico Tools
A number of retail outlets operating the same franchise. A franchise chain may vary in size from a few to many thousands of outlets and in coverage from a small local area to worldwide.

Fraud   Dico Tools
The use of dishonesty, deception. or false representation in order to gain a material advantage or to injure the interest of others.

Free Enterprise   Dico Tools
The trade carried on in a free-market economy, where resources are allocated on the basis of supply and demand.

Free Market   Dico Tools
A market in which supply and demand are unregulated except by the country's competition policy, and rights in physical and intellectual property are upheld.

Freebie   Dico Tools
A product or service that is given away, often as a business promotion.

Fulfillment   Dico Tools
The process of responding to customer inquiries, orders, or sales promotion offers.

Full Service Retail Sales Method   Dico Tools
Selling from a sales outlet directly to the end user at retail prices with sales personnel who can explain the purpose and value of the product or service.

Fundraising   Dico Tools
Events staged to raise revenue.

Future   Dico Tools
A contract to deliver a commodity at a future date.

Futures Market   Dico Tools
A market for buying and selling securities, commodities, or currencies that tend to fluctuate in price over a period of time. The market's aim is to reduce the risk of uncertainty about future prices.

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