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An alphabetical listing of General terms and items.

NASDAQ   Dico Tools
National Association of Security Dealers Automated Quotation system, a screen-based quotation system supporting market making in registered equities.

Negotiation   Dico Tools
A discussion with the aim of resolving a difference of opinion, or dispute, or to settle the terms of an agreement or transaction.

Net Assets   Dico Tools
The amount by which the value of a company's assets exceeds its liabilities.

Net Capital   Dico Tools
The amount by which assets exceed the value of assets not easily converted to cash.

Net Cash Balance   Dico Tools
The amount of cash that is on hand.

Net Errors And Omissions   Dico Tools
The net amount of the discrepancies that arise in calculations of balances of payments.

Net Fixed Assets   Dico Tools
The value of fixed assets after depreciation.

Net Margin   Dico Tools
The percentage of revenues that is profit.

Net Operating Income   Dico Tools
The amount by which income exceeds expenses, before considering taxes and interest

Net Proceeds   Dico Tools
The amount realized from a transaction minus the cost of making it.

Net Profit   Dico Tools
Gross profit minus costs.

Net Worth   Dico Tools
The total value of a business in financial terms. Net worth is calculated by subtracting total liabilities from total assets.

Niche   Dico Tools
A well-defined group of customers for which what you have to offer is particularly suitable.

No-load Fund   Dico Tools
A mutual fund that does not charge a fee for purchase or sale of shares.

Nondisclosure Agreement   Dico Tools
A legally enforceable agreement preventing present or past employees from disclosing commercially sensitive information belonging to the employer to any other party.

Nonrecurring   Dico Tools
One time, not repeating. "Nonrecurring" expenses are those involved in starting a business, and which only have to be paid once and will not occur again.

Note   Dico Tools
A document that is recognized as legal evidence of a debt.

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