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An alphabetical listing of General terms and items.

Random Sampling   Dico Tools
An unbiased sampling technique in which every member of the population has an equal chance of being included in the sample. Based on probability theory, random sampling is the process of selecting and canvassing a representative group of individuals from a particular population in order to identify the attributes or attitudes of the population as a whole.

Rate Of Interest   Dico Tools
A percentage charged on a loan or paid on an investment for the use of the money.

Rate Of Return   Dico Tools
An accounting ratio of the income from investment to the amount of investment, used to measure financial performance.

Ratio   Dico Tools
The relationship of one thing to another. A "ratio" is a short-cut way of comparing things, which can be expressed as numbers or degrees.

Rebating   Dico Tools
A sales promotion technique in which the customer is offered a rebate for reaching volume targets..

Receivable   Dico Tools
Ready for payment. When you sell on credit, you keep an "accounts receivable" ledger as a record of what is owed to you and who owes it. In accounting, a receivable is an asset.

Recession   Dico Tools
A stage of the business cycle in which economic activity is in slow decline. Recession usually follows a boom, and precedes a depression. It is characterized by rising unemployment and falling levels of output and investment.

Recurring Payments   Dico Tools
An electronic payment facility that permits a merchant to process multiple authorizations by the same customer either as multiple payments for a fixed amount or recurring billings for varying amounts.

Redemption   Dico Tools
The purchase by a company of its own shares from shareholders.

Redundancy   Dico Tools
Dismissal from work because a job ceases to exist. Redundancy occurs most frequently when an employer goes out of business necessitating a cutback in the workforce, or relocates part, or all, of the company.

Refinance   Dico Tools
To replace one loan with another, especially at a lower rate of interest.

Refund   Dico Tools
The reimbursement of the purchase price of a good or service, for reasons such as faults in manufacturing or dissatisfaction with the service provided.

Reinsurance   Dico Tools
A method of reducing risk by transferring all or part of an insurance policy to another insurer.

Resources   Dico Tools
Anything that is available to an organization to help it achieve its purpose.

Response Marketing   Dico Tools
In e-marketing, the process of managing responses or leads from the time they are received through to conversion to sale.

Response Rate   Dico Tools
The proportion of subjects in a statistical study who respond to a researcher's questionnaire.

Retail   Dico Tools
Selling directly to the consumer.

Retailing   Dico Tools
Businesses and individuals engaged in the activity of selling products to final consumers.

Retained Earnings   Dico Tools
Profits retained by the enterprise rather than disbursing to the shareholders. Retained earnings are used to improve the value of the enterprise through development and /or promotional programs.

Revenue   Dico Tools
Total sales during a stated period.

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Revolving Fund   Dico Tools
A fund the resources of which are replenished from the revenue of the projects that it finances

ROI   Dico Tools
(Return on Investment) Net Profit divided by Net Worth. A financial ratio indicating the degree of profitability.

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