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An alphabetical listing of General terms and items.

Wages   Dico Tools
A form of pay given to employees in exchange for the work they have done

Waiver Of Premium   Dico Tools
A provision of an insurance policy that suspends payment of premiums, for example, if the insured suffers disabling injury

Walk   Dico Tools
To resign from a job

Wall Street   Dico Tools
The U.S. financial industry, or the area of New York City where much of its business is done

Wall Street Crash 1929   Dico Tools
Refers to the dates in late October of 1929 during which the American stock market crashed, causing widespread panic through the population and ultimately solidifying the beginning of The Great Depression.

Wallet Technology   Dico Tools
A software package providing digital wallets or purses on the computers of merchants and customers to facilitate payment by digital cash

Waste Management   Dico Tools
A sustainable process for reducing the environmental impact of the disposal of all types of materials used by businesses.

Wealth   Dico Tools
Physical assets such as a house or financial assets such as stocks and shares that can yield an income for their holder

Web Marketing   Dico Tools
The process of creating, developing, and enhancing a Web site in order to increase the number of visits by potential customers

Weighted Average   Dico Tools
An average of quantities that have been adjusted by the addition of a statistical value to allow for their relative importance in a data set

Whistleblowing   Dico Tools
Speaking out to the media or the public on malpractice, misconduct, corruption, or mismanagement witnessed in an organization

Wholesale Price   Dico Tools
A price charged to customers who buy large quantities of an item for resale in smaller quantities to others

Wholesale Sales Method   Dico Tools
Selling to distributors at significantly discounted prices who in turn sell to full service or self service retail outlets.

Wholesaling   Dico Tools
Businesses and individuals engaged in the activity of selling products to retailers, organizational users or other wholesalers. Selling for resale.

Withholding Tax   Dico Tools
The money that an employer pays directly to the U.S. government as a payment of the income tax on the employee

Word Of Mouse   Dico Tools
Word-of-mouth publicity on the Internet. Owing to the fast-paced and interactive nature of online markets, word of mouse can spread much faster than its offline counterpart

Working Capital   Dico Tools
The excess of current assets over current liabilities. The cash needed to keep the business running from day to day.

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