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An alphabetical listing of General terms and items.

T-Bill   Dico Tools
A debt instrument of the U.S. government. (Treasury Bill)

Take-home Pay   Dico Tools
The amount of pay an employee receives after all the deductions, such as income tax, social security, or pension, contributions.

Takeover   Dico Tools
The acquisition of one company by another.

Talent   Dico Tools
People with exceptional abilities, especially a company's most valued employees.

Target Market   Dico Tools
The specific individuals, distinguished by socio-economic, demographic and interest characteristics, who are the most like ly potential customers for the goods and services of a business.

Target Marketing   Dico Tools
Selecting and developing a number of offerings to meet the needs of a number of specific market segments.

Tariff   Dico Tools
A government duty imposed on imports or exports to stimulate or dampen economic activity.

Tax   Dico Tools
A governmental charge that is not a price for a good or service

Tax Bracket   Dico Tools
A range of income levels subject to marginal tax at the same rate.

Tax Incentive   Dico Tools
A tax reduction afforded to people for particular purposes, for example, sending their children to college

Tax Refund   Dico Tools
An amount that a government gives back to a taxpayer who has paid more taxes than were due.

Tax Return   Dico Tools
An official form on which a company or individual enters details of income and expenses, used to assess tax liability.

Tax Shelter   Dico Tools
A financial arrangement designed to reduce tax liability.

Tax Subsidy   Dico Tools
A tax reduction that a government gives a business for a particular purpose, usually to create jobs.

Taxable   Dico Tools
Subject to tax.

Team Player   Dico Tools
Somebody who works well within a team.

Teamwork   Dico Tools
Collaboration by a group of people to achieve a common purpose.

Telebanking   Dico Tools
Electronic banking carried out by using a telephone line to communicate with a bank.

Telecommute   Dico Tools
to work without leaving your home by using telephone lines to carry data between your home and your employer's place of business.

Telemarketing   Dico Tools
Marketing goods or services directly to the consumer via the telephone.

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Telephone Survey   Dico Tools
A research technique in which members of the public are asked a series of questions on the telephone

Tender   Dico Tools
To make or submit a bid to undertake work or supply goods at a stated price. A tender is usually submitted in response to an invitation to bid for a work contract in competition with other suppliers.

Terms Of Sale   Dico Tools
The conditions concerning payment for a purchase.

Terms Of Trade   Dico Tools
A ratio to determine whether the conditions under which a country conducts its trade are favorable or unfavorable

Test Marketing   Dico Tools
The use of a small-scale version of a marketing plan, usually in a restricted area or with a small group, to test marketing strategy for a new product.

Think Tank   Dico Tools
An organization or group of experts researching and advising on issues of society, science, technology, industry, or business.

Time Management   Dico Tools
Time management refers to the ability to properly plan and use time in order to promote efficiency and productivity. Instead of actually managing time itself, the term refers to the management of activities and processes that occur during a general or specified period of time.

Trade Barrier   Dico Tools
A condition imposed by a government to limit free exchange of goods internationally.

Trade Credit   Dico Tools
Permission to buy from suppliers on open account.

Trade-fair   Dico Tools
A commercial exhibition designed to bring together buyers and sellers from a particular market sector.

Trademark   Dico Tools
An identifiable mark on a product that may be a symbol, words, or both, that connects the product to the trader or producer of that product.

Turnkey Contract   Dico Tools
Immediately. an agreement in which a contractor designs, constructs, and manages a project until it is ready to be handed over to the client and operation can begin he conditions concerning payment for a purchase

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