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An alphabetical listing of General terms and items.

Unbalanced Growth   Dico Tools
The result when not all sectors of an economy can grow at the same rate.

Unbundling   Dico Tools
Dividing a company into separate constituent companies, often to sell all or some of them after a takeover.

Uncertainty Analysis   Dico Tools
A study designed to assess the extent to which the variability in an outcome variable is caused by uncertainty at the time of estimating the input parameters of the study.

Undervalued   Dico Tools
Used to describe an asset that is available for purchase at a price lower than it is worth.

Underwrite   Dico Tools
To assume risk, especially for a new issue or an insurance policy

Underwriter   Dico Tools
A person or organization that buys an issue from a corporation and sells it to investors

Unearned Income   Dico Tools
Income received from sources other than employment

Unit   Dico Tools
A collection of securities traded together as one item

Unit Of Trade   Dico Tools
The smallest amount that can be bought or sold of a share of stock, or a contract included in an option

United Kingdom Of Great Britain   Dico Tools
Profile of the United Kingdom of Great Britain or the UK in Europe.

United States Of America   Dico Tools
Information on the north American country with one of the largest economies in the world.

Unlimited Liability   Dico Tools
Full responsibility for the obligations of a general partnership

Unsecured Debt   Dico Tools
Money borrowed without supplying collateral

Unsought Goods   Dico Tools
Products that are usually purchased due to adversity rather than desire. For example, coffins, crutches, and medicine are all unsought goods. Another form of unsought goods are products such as life insurance and encyclopedias. They are products that the consumer seldom goes out looking for, therefore, a constant, aggressive selling process is required.

Upsell   Dico Tools
To sell customers a higher-priced version of a product they have bought previously

Used Credit   Dico Tools
The portion of a line of credit that is no longer available

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