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An alphabetical listing of General terms and items.

Hard Sell   Dico Tools
A heavily persuasive and highly pressured approach used to sell a product or service.

Hedge Fund   Dico Tools
A mutual fund that takes considerable risks, including heavy investment in unconventional instruments, in the hope of generating great profits.

High End   Dico Tools
Relating to the most expensive, most advanced, or most powerful in a range of things, for example, computers.

High-pressure   Dico Tools
A selling technique in which the sales representative attempts to persuade a buyer very forcefully and persistently.

Holding Company   Dico Tools
A parent organization that owns and controls other companies.

Home Page   Dico Tools
The "table of contents" to a Web site, detailing what pages are on a particular site. The first page one sees when accessing a Web site.

Horizontal Integration   Dico Tools
The merging of functions or organizations that operate on a similar level. Horizontal integration involves the union of companies producing the same kinds of goods or operating at the same stage of the supply chain.

Hyperinflation   Dico Tools
Very rapid growth in the rate of inflation so that money loses value and physical goods replace currency as a medium of exchange.

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