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An alphabetical listing of General terms and items.

Abaxial   Dico Tools
Said of a surface facing away from the axis of the structure to which it is attached.

Abortive   Dico Tools
Defective; barren (unproductive); not developed.

Abscission   Dico Tools
A clean-cut scar or separating of a leaf from a self-healing.

Acaulescent   Dico Tools
Stemless, or apparently so.

Achene   Dico Tools
A hard, one-seeded, indehiscent nutlet with a tight pericarp.

Acicular   Dico Tools

Actinomorphic   Dico Tools
Radially symmetrical; capable of being bisected into two or more similar planes.

Acuminate   Dico Tools
Tapering to a slender tip.

Acute   Dico Tools

Adaxial   Dico Tools
Said of a surface facing toward the axis of the structure to which it is attached.

Adherent   Dico Tools
Joined to a dissimilar plant part.

Adventitious   Dico Tools
Sprouting or growing from unusual or abnormal places, such as roots originating from a stem, or buds appearing about wounds.

Aerial   Dico Tools
Said of structures originating above ground.

Aggregated   Dico Tools
Crowded together.

Allopatric   Dico Tools
Occupying different, though sometimes adjacent, regions.

Alluvium   Dico Tools
Sands, silts, et cetera deposited by gradually moving water.

Alternate   Dico Tools
One after the other along an axis; not opposite.

Ament   Dico Tools
A dry, usually elongate often drooping, scaly spike bearing imperfect flowers; a catkin. A frequent feature of woody plants.

Anastomose   Dico Tools
To interconnect, such as the veins of a leaf.

Anastomosing   Dico Tools
Connecting and intersecting, forming a network.

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Androecium   Dico Tools
The staminate portions of the flower.

Androgynous   Dico Tools
With staminate flowers situated above the pistillate ones in the same inflorescence.

Angiosperm   Dico Tools
Flowering plant producing seeds enclosed in a structure derived from the ovary.

Angulate   Dico Tools
Having angles.

Annual   Dico Tools
A plant which completes its life cycle in one year or less.

Annulus   Dico Tools
Tissue forming a ring or arranged in a circle.

Anterior   Dico Tools
On the side away from the main stem; abaxial.

Anther   Dico Tools
The pollen-bearing portion of the stamen.

Anthesis   Dico Tools
Time of the year during which the anthers are dehiscing and the stigmas are receptive to pollen; in a looser sense, the time of flowering.

Antrorse   Dico Tools
Directed forward or upward.

Aparinaceous   Dico Tools
Scratchy; clingy.

Apetalous   Dico Tools
Having no petals.

Apex   Dico Tools
The tip; end.

Apical   Dico Tools
Pertaining to the apex.

Apiculate   Dico Tools
Abruptly short-pointed.

Apiculus   Dico Tools
Abruptly short-beaked or pointed.

Appressed   Dico Tools
Lying flat against a surface.

Aquatic   Dico Tools
A plant which carries out its life cycle in water.

Areola   Dico Tools
A small space on or near the surface of some vegetative organ, usually formed by anastomosing veins.

Areolae   Dico Tools
The spaces between the veins of a leaf or some similar structure.

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Aril   Dico Tools
An appendage growing out from a seed.

Arillate   Dico Tools
Having an aril.

Aristate   Dico Tools
Awned; tipped by a stiff bristle.

Aromatic   Dico Tools
Having a fragrant smell, sometimes only if broken or crushed.

Arrow-shaped Leaf   Dico Tools
A wide base with two pointed lobes directed downwards.

Article   Dico Tools
Section of a legume pod, separated from other sections by a constriction or partition.

Articulation   Dico Tools
A joint.

Ascending   Dico Tools
Growing or directed in an upward direction, or at least tending to.

Asymmetrical   Dico Tools
Unequally developed on either side of a common axis. Opposite of symmetrical.

Atom   Dico Tools
Small, usually resinous, dot or gland.

Atomate   Dico Tools
Having small, usually resinous, dots or glands.

Attenuate   Dico Tools
Gradually tapered to a slender tip.

Auricle   Dico Tools
An ear-shaped appendage or lobe (such often being quite small).

Auriculate   Dico Tools
With an ear-shaped flange or lobe.

Autecology   Dico Tools
Pertaining to the ecology of an individual species.

Awn   Dico Tools
A stiff bristle, usually situated at the tip of a leaf or perianth element, or (in grasses), at the tip of a glume or lemma.

Axil   Dico Tools
The area or angle formed between the base of an organ and the structure from which it originated. Such as the upper angle between the leaf base and the stem.

Axillary   Dico Tools
Pertaining to the axil.

Axis   Dico Tools
The central part of a longitudinal support (usually of a stem or inflorescence) on which organs or parts are arranged.

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