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An alphabetical listing of General terms and items.

Maculate   Dico Tools
Spotted. Compare with immaculate.

Malodorous   Dico Tools

Malpighian   Dico Tools
Spoken of hairs which are straight and attached by the middle, and typically appressed to the leaf surface.

Marcescent   Dico Tools
Withering but persistent, usually remaining green.

Margin   Dico Tools

Marine   Dico Tools
Referring to an aquatic habitat in salt water.

Marly   Dico Tools
Very limy, often with calcium carbonate concretions at or near the surface.

Mealy   Dico Tools
See farinose.

Megaspore   Dico Tools
The larger type of haploid spore (when two sizes are present) which gives rise to the female gametophyte; the other called a microspore.

Membranaceous   Dico Tools
Membrane-like; very thin, flimsy, and often more or less translucent.

Mericarp   Dico Tools
The discriminate units of a schizocarp which ultimately splits apart into two individual nutlets, usually referring to units of the fruits of the parsley family.

Merous   Dico Tools
A suffix pertaining to the discriminate portions into which a floral organ or series of organs can be divided; for example, a flower with 5 sepals, 5 petals, and 10 stamens can be said to be 5-merous.

Mesic   Dico Tools
A microclimatic term which refers to an area in which the soils are usually well drained, but contain a lot of moisture for all or much of the year; such areas typically occur on north or east-facing exposures. Compare to xeric.

Mesophytic   Dico Tools
Refers to plant species or plant communities which grow under mesic conditions.

Microspore   Dico Tools
Haploid spore which gives rise to the male gametophyte; other being called megaspore.

Midnerve, Midrib, Midvein   Dico Tools
The central or principal vein of a foliar or bracteal organ, or of a sepal or petal.

Milky   Dico Tools
Like a thick white juice.

Minerotrophic   Dico Tools
Rich in calcium and magnesium carbonate.

Monadelphous   Dico Tools
Spoken of stamens united by their filaments into a tube or column.

Moniliform   Dico Tools
Appearing as a string of beads.

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Monocarpic   Dico Tools
Annual plant, or one which dies after it has once born fruit.

Monocot   Dico Tools
Angiospermous plant having only one cotyledon.

Monoecious   Dico Tools
Pertaining to plants, individuals of which bear both staminate and pistillate flowers but not perfect flowers.

Moraine   Dico Tools
Accumulation of stones in a rockery.

Mottled   Dico Tools
Covered in part with spots, areas, or lines of different color than the main surface.

Mucro   Dico Tools
A short and small abrupt tip.

Mucronate   Dico Tools
With a short, abrupt tip.

Mucronulate   Dico Tools
Minutely mucronate.

Multifid   Dico Tools
Cleft into many lobes or segments.

Muricate   Dico Tools
Copiously beset with hard, often sharp, tubercles.

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