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An alphabetical listing of General terms and items.

Deciduous   Dico Tools
Pertaining to plants which shed their herbaceous tissues after one year's growth; not evergreen; caducous.

Decompound   Dico Tools
Divided or compound more than once.

Decumbent   Dico Tools
Trailing along the ground but with the inflorescence or summit of the stem ascending or erect.

Decurrent   Dico Tools
Usually pertaining to some flat, foliar organ, the tissue of which continues beyond its base down an elongate axis (usually a stem or petiole).

Decussate   Dico Tools
Opposite leaves in four rows up and down the stem; alternating in pairs at right angles.

Deflexed   Dico Tools
Abruptly directed downward; reflexed.

Dehiscence   Dico Tools
The opening of a fruit or anther by sutures, valves, slits, pores, etc.

Dehiscent   Dico Tools
Said of a fruit or anther that opens by sutures, valves, slits, pores, etc.

Deltoid   Dico Tools

Dentate   Dico Tools
Toothed, the teeth perpendicular to the margin.

Denticulate   Dico Tools
Minutely dentate.

Depauperate   Dico Tools
Poor; with little sustenance or vigor.

Determinate   Dico Tools
Inflorescence whose terminal flowers open first. See indeterminate.

Diadelphous   Dico Tools
Combined into two, often unequal sets; primarily spoken of in connection with the Fabaceae family, where the flowers typically have a set of stamens consisting of nine and another consisting of only one stamen.

Diaphragm   Dico Tools
A dividing membrane or partition, a feature of chambered pith.

Dichasium   Dico Tools
A cyme with two lateral axes.

Dichotomous   Dico Tools
Forking regularly in two directions.

Dicot   Dico Tools
Angiosperm with 2 seed leaves.

Diffuse   Dico Tools
Widely or loosely spreading.

Digitate   Dico Tools
Typically referring to a compound leaf in which the leaflets originate from a common point at the apex of a petiole; also spoken of a flower cluster.

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Digitate Leaf   Dico Tools
Leaflets radiating from the leaf-stalk.

Dilated   Dico Tools
Expanded or enlarged.

Dimorphic   Dico Tools
Having two forms.

Dioecious   Dico Tools
Pertaining to plants, individuals of which bear either staminate or pistillate flowers but not both.

Disarticulate   Dico Tools
To separate.

Disc   Dico Tools
The central part of a radiate flower in which the florets are tubular.

Disk Flowers   Dico Tools
In the Asteraceae family, the central, tubular flowers of the head. Compare ray flower.

Disk Or Disc   Dico Tools
The central portion of a capitate inflorescence, or the receptacle of such an inflorescence; also, a structure formed by the coalescence of stigmas as in the Papaveraceae family; also, the development of the receptacle at or around the base of a petals, as in Acer and Euonymus.

Dissected   Dico Tools
Cut or divided into narrow segments.

Distal   Dico Tools
The direction or point away from the point of attachment.

Distichous   Dico Tools
Arranged in two vertical series; two-ranked.

Distigmatic   Dico Tools
Bearing two stigmas.

Distinct   Dico Tools
Separate, and usually evident.

Divaricate   Dico Tools
Widely spreading or divergent.

Divergent   Dico Tools
Directed away from each other.

Dorsal   Dico Tools
Relating to the back or outer surface of an organ. Compare ventral

Downy   Dico Tools
Covered with soft hair.

Drupe   Dico Tools
A typically one-locular, fleshy or pulpy fruit with a hard or stony center.

Drupelet   Dico Tools
A small drupe.

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