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An alphabetical listing of General terms and items.

Falcate   Dico Tools
Sickle-shaped; slenderly curved and tapering to a usually sharp tip.

Falls   Dico Tools
Outer whorl or series of perianth parts of an iridaceous flower, often broader than those of the inner series and, in some Iris, drooping or flexuous.

Family   Dico Tools
In the Linnaean classification scheme, a category between order and genus that is a group of closely related genera or (rarely) a single genus; an onion is scientifically considered in the genus Allium, of the family Liliaceae, in the order Liliales

Farinose   Dico Tools
Resembling farina; typically used to describe the white-mealy, strongly modified hairs in the genus Chenopodium.

Fascicle   Dico Tools
A cluster or bundle.

Fasciculate   Dico Tools
With fascicles.

Fastigiate   Dico Tools
Usually in reference to branches which are stiffly erect; neither divaricate nor divergent.

Fen   Dico Tools
A general term used in reference to habitats which are calcareous in nature and which are fed throughout the year by a flow of water at or just beneath the surface.

Ferruginous   Dico Tools

Fertile   Dico Tools
Capable of reproducing sexually.

Fetid   Dico Tools
Having a disagreeable odor.

Fibrillose   Dico Tools
Beset or provided with numerous fine fibers.

Fibrous   Dico Tools
Referring usually to a much branched root system with progressively smaller branches.

Fiddlehead   Dico Tools
Referring to the unusual circinate unrolling of fronds, in many ferns.

Filament   Dico Tools
Anther-bearing stalk of the stamen.

Filiform   Dico Tools
Very slender, thread-shaped; usually terete in cross section.

Fimbriate   Dico Tools

Fimbriolate   Dico Tools
With tiny fringes.

Fistulose   Dico Tools
Hollow, often pertaining to stems with hollow centers.

Flabelliform   Dico Tools

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Flaccid   Dico Tools
Very limber, without apparent support.

Flange   Dico Tools
A bit of projecting tissue.

Flexuous   Dico Tools
Flexible; easily bent this way and that.

Floccose   Dico Tools
Copiously beset with tangled woolly hairs.

Florescence   Dico Tools
The blossoming of a plant; the flowering season.

Floret   Dico Tools
A single small flower, usually a member of a cluster, such as a head; used particularly in grasses (Poaceae family) and composites (Asteraceae family).

Floriferous   Dico Tools
Bearing flowers.

Fluted   Dico Tools
With a parallel series of grooves.

Foliaceous   Dico Tools
Leafy; leaf-like.

Foliate   Dico Tools
With leaves.

Foliolate   Dico Tools
Having leaflets; often used with a prefix, such as trifoliolate.

Follicle   Dico Tools
A dry fruit consisting of a single carpel and dehiscing along only one suture.

Form   Dico Tools
Suffix meaning like or resembling.

Forma   Dico Tools
A infraspecific taxonomic entity, usually involving single-gene traits such as flower or fruit color.

Friable   Dico Tools
Easily crumbled; fragile.

Frond   Dico Tools
The foliaceous blade of a fern leaf.

Fruit   Dico Tools
That structure which bears the seeds.

Fruticose   Dico Tools
Shrubby or shrub-like and also woody.

Fugacious   Dico Tools
Falling away early.

Fulvous   Dico Tools

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Funicle   Dico Tools
A small stalk by which the seed is attached to the placenta.

Funnelform   Dico Tools
Shaped approximately like a funnel; sometimes called infundibuliform.

Furcate   Dico Tools

Fuscous   Dico Tools

Fusiform   Dico Tools
Spindle-shaped; swollen in the middle and gradually narrowed toward each end.

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