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An alphabetical listing of General terms and items.

Ultimate   Dico Tools
Last; final.

Umbel   Dico Tools
An inflorescence in which the branches all radiate from a common point.

Umbellate   Dico Tools
With umbels.

Umbellet   Dico Tools
A secondary umbel.

Umbelliform   Dico Tools
Resembling an umbel.

Umbels   Dico Tools
A flat-topped cluster of flowers having their footstalks of nearly equal length and radiating outwards.

Umbilicate   Dico Tools
Indented, invaginated, or depressed near the center.

Uncinate   Dico Tools
Hooked or bent at the tip.

Undulate   Dico Tools
With a sinuate or wavy surface or margin (up and down, not in and out).

Unisexual   Dico Tools
Of one sex, either staminate or pistillate only.

United   Dico Tools

Unsymmetrical   Dico Tools
Irregular as to the number of its parts, or their shape.

Urceolate   Dico Tools

Urn-shaped   Dico Tools
Hollow and cylindrical or ovoid, and contracted at or below the mouth, like an urn; also known as urceolate.

Utricle   Dico Tools
A bladder-like, usually indehiscent, one-seeded fruit.

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