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An alphabetical listing of General terms and items.

Lacerate   Dico Tools
Unevenly cut or incised.

Laciniate   Dico Tools
Deeply and sharply slashed into slender segments.

Laciniated   Dico Tools
With a fringed border.

Lacuna   Dico Tools
Defined space.

Lamellae   Dico Tools
Thin flat plates or laterally flattened ridges.

Lamina   Dico Tools
Blade, usually of a leaf.

Lanate   Dico Tools
Densely white woolly-pubescent.

Lanceolate   Dico Tools
Lance-shaped, broadest below the middle, long-tapering above the middle, several times longer than wide.

Lanuginose   Dico Tools
Woolly or cottony; downy, the hairs somewhat shorter than in lanate.

Lanulose   Dico Tools
Very short-woolly.

Lateral   Dico Tools
Pertaining to the sides.

Latex   Dico Tools
The milky juice (or highly colored juice) of some plants.

Latifoliate   Dico Tools
Having broad leaves.

Lax   Dico Tools
General term meaning open, loose, without clear form or shape, or scattered, depending on the context.

Leaf   Dico Tools
Usually a blade-like organ attached to the stem, often by a petiole or sheath, and commonly functioning as a principal organ in photosynthesis and transpiration. Leaves characteristically subtend buds and extend from the stem in various planes. See also leaflet. A leaf axil is the upper angle between a leaf petiole, or sessile leaf base, and the node from which it grows. A leaf scar is formed on a twig following the fall of a leaf, usually revealing the pattern of vascular bundles in the leaf trace.

Leaflet   Dico Tools
One of the discriminate segments of the compound leaf of a dicotyledonous plant. Leaflets may resemble leaves, but differ principally in that buds are not found in the axils of leaflets, and that leaflets all lie in the same plane.

Leaflets   Dico Tools
When there are several succeeding leaves on each side of a midrib; a little leaf.

Legume   Dico Tools
The fruit in the Fabaceae family, produced from a one-celled ovary, and typically splitting along both sutures; as in the pea pod.

Leguminous   Dico Tools
Bearing seeds which split into halves like the pea.

Lemma   Dico Tools
The lowermost of the two scales forming the floret in a grass spikelet -- the uppermost, less easily seen, is called the palea.

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Lenticel   Dico Tools
A corky spot on young bark, corresponding functionally to a stoma on a leaf.

Lenticular   Dico Tools
Lens-shaped; two-sided, with the faces convex.

Lepidote   Dico Tools
Surfaced with small scurfy scales.

Ligneous   Dico Tools

Ligulate   Dico Tools
Bearing a ligule.

Ligule   Dico Tools
In the Asteraceae family, pertaining to the dilated or flattened, spreading limb of the composite ray flower; in other families, such as Poaceae family, an extension, often scarious, of the summit of the leaf sheath.

Limb   Dico Tools
The expanded portion of a corolla above the throat; the expanded portion of any petal.

Linear   Dico Tools
Very long and narrow, with nearly or quite parallel margins.

Lip   Dico Tools
Referring to either the upper or lower lip of a bilabiate corolla; the principal, seemingly lower, petal in the Orchidaceae.

Lobe   Dico Tools
Any segment or division, particularly if blunt.

Lobulate   Dico Tools
Bearing lobes.

Locular   Dico Tools
Having locules.

Locule   Dico Tools
A discriminate cavity or space within an ovary, fruit, or anther.

Loculicidal   Dico Tools
Pertaining to a capsule which dehisces along the dorsal suture of each locule, thus opening directly into the cavity.

Locus   Dico Tools

Loment   Dico Tools
Specifically applied to the series of one-seeded articles of a fruit in the genus Desmodium.

Longiligulate   Dico Tools
With long ligules.

Lustrous   Dico Tools

Lyrate   Dico Tools
Pinnately lobed into large, broad lobes, the terminal one typically noticeably larger than the reduced lateral ones.

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