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An alphabetical listing of General terms and items.

Taproot   Dico Tools
The primary, central, downward-growing root.

Taxon   Dico Tools
A discrete taxonomic unit.

Teeth   Dico Tools
Sharp processes at the edges of tissues.

Tendril   Dico Tools
A slender, often ultimately coiled, foliar or branch-like organ which clings to a support.

Tepal   Dico Tools
Used in reference to the sepals and petals (usually in the Monocots) which often resemble each other; in such instances either a given sepal or a given petal is termed a tepal.

Terete   Dico Tools
Circular in cross section.

Terminal   Dico Tools
Positioned at the summit.

Terminus   Dico Tools

Ternate   Dico Tools
Three-parted; with three principal divisions; also, occurring in threes.

Terrestrial   Dico Tools
Referring to plants which live out their lives on land.

Testa   Dico Tools
Outer coat of a seed.

Tetragonal   Dico Tools

Thorn   Dico Tools
A reduced, sharply pointed branch or modified leaf; or remnant that originates below the epidermis. About the same as a spine.

Thyrse   Dico Tools
A cylindrical or ovoid, often compact, panicle.

Thyrsiform   Dico Tools
Resembling a thyrse.

Thyrsoid   Dico Tools
Having the form of a thyrse.

Tomentose   Dico Tools
Densely pubescent with matted hairs.

Tomentulose   Dico Tools
Finely tomentose.

Tomentum   Dico Tools
Closely matted or tangled hairs.

Toothed   Dico Tools
Bearing teeth.

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Torulose   Dico Tools
Cylindrical, abruptly contracted at intervals, typically occurring in fruits, between the seeds.

Trade Name   Dico Tools
An arbitrary name created by a nursery or other organization to distinguish its product from all others and to protect it legally from misuse

Translucent   Dico Tools
Between opaque and transparent, thus allowing some light to get through.

Transverse   Dico Tools
Running or lying across something.

Tree   Dico Tools
A woody plant, typically higher than a shrub, and typified as being unbranched at the base and having a strong single trunk.

Trefoil   Dico Tools
A form of leaf with three leaflets.

Trichome   Dico Tools
A stiff, often multicellular, hair.

Trident   Dico Tools
With three segments or lobes, usually having a common origin.

Trifid   Dico Tools

Trigonous   Dico Tools

Tripinnate   Dico Tools
Said of a leaf in which the blade is pinnately compound with each of the divisions then bipinnately compound.

Tristigmatic   Dico Tools
Bearing three stigmas.

Truncate   Dico Tools
Ending abruptly, as if cut straight across.

Tube   Dico Tools
Usually referring to the connate parts of either the calyx or the corolla.

Tuber   Dico Tools
A term generally referring to any thick, fleshy enlargement of a rhizome or stolon.

Tubercle   Dico Tools
A small tuber-like, often indurated, process or protuberance.

Tuberculate   Dico Tools
Having tubercles.

Tuberiferous   Dico Tools
Bearing tubers.

Tuberose   Dico Tools
Resembling a tuber.

Tuberous   Dico Tools
Having the character of a tuber; tuber-like in appearance.

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Tubular   Dico Tools

Tufted   Dico Tools
Usually referring to the compact arrangement of the stem bases with respect to each other and their position in the soil; same as cespitose.

Tumid   Dico Tools

Turbinate   Dico Tools
Top-shaped; inversely conical.

Turgid   Dico Tools
Swollen, or tightly drawn; said of a membrane or covering expanded by pressure from within.

Twig   Dico Tools
The shoot of a woody plant representing the growth of the current season and terminated basally by the circumferential terminal bud-scar of the previous year.

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