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An alphabetical listing of General terms and items.

Ebracteate   Dico Tools
Without bracts.

Eccentric   Dico Tools
Off center, or one-sided.

Echinate   Dico Tools
Bearing stout, often bluntish, spines or prickles.

Eciliate   Dico Tools
Without cilia.

Eglandular   Dico Tools
Without glands.

Elevated   Dico Tools
Raised, often forming a ridge.

Ellipsoid   Dico Tools
Solid but with an elliptical outline.

Elliptic   Dico Tools
A circular shape which has been laterally compressed, widest about the middle.

Elongate   Dico Tools
Drawn out into a form much longer than wide.

Emarginate   Dico Tools
With a shallow notch at the tip.

Emergent   Dico Tools
Pertaining to aquatic plants which have some portion of the plant extended out of the water.

Emersed   Dico Tools
Above water.

Endemic   Dico Tools
Confined to a small geographic area.

Endosperm   Dico Tools
In a seed, the reserve food stored around, or next to, the embryo.

Entire   Dico Tools
Pertaining to margins without crenation, serration, or dentition; even though the margin may be variously ciliate or pubescent. [Plate 4]

Entire Leaf   Dico Tools
Having the margin undivided.

Ephemeral   Dico Tools
Lasting for one day or less.

Epidermis   Dico Tools
The superficial layer of cells.

Epigynous   Dico Tools
Flower with the calyx situated on the ovary.

Equitant   Dico Tools
Pertaining to the two-ranked arrangement of usually conduplicate leaves, overlapping in two ranks.

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Erect   Dico Tools

Ericaceous   Dico Tools
Belonging to the heath family.

Erose   Dico Tools
Pertaining to margins which appear unevenly cut or incised, as if eroded or eaten.

Evanescent   Dico Tools
Fading, disappearing in time.

Evergreen   Dico Tools
Refers to having green foliage throughout the year.

Excurrent   Dico Tools
Usually in reference to veins and nerves which run beyond the margin of the organ from which it originates; often as an awn or bristle.

Exfoliate   Dico Tools
To peel away in thin layers

Exfoliating   Dico Tools
Loosely shedding in thin or stringy layers.

Exserted   Dico Tools
Prolonged beyond the rim of an enveloping or confining structure.

Extrorse   Dico Tools
Looking or facing outward.

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