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An alphabetical listing of General terms and items.

Valvate   Dico Tools
Opening by valves; meeting at the edges without overlapping.

Valve   Dico Tools
One of the segments into which a capsule dehisces, previously having been held together by union along a suture.

Variegated   Dico Tools
Marked with different patches of colour; dappled.

Variety   Dico Tools
An infraspecific taxon with a range or habitat relatively distinct from other taxa within a species.

Vascular   Dico Tools
Having veins or conducting vessels.

Vascular Bundle   Dico Tools
An aggregate or cluster of vessels.

Vegetative   Dico Tools
Referring to plant parts that are not involved in sexual reproduction.

Vein   Dico Tools
A thread of fibro-vascular tissue in a leaf or other organ (which often branches). Same as nerve.

Veinlet   Dico Tools
A small vein.

Velutinous   Dico Tools
Pubescent with velvety hairs.

Venation   Dico Tools
The arrangement or nature of the veins.

Ventral   Dico Tools
Pertaining to the inner or anterior face of an organ; opposite of dorsal.

Versatile   Dico Tools
Attached at or near the middle and turning freely on its support, such as an anther.

Verticil   Dico Tools
A whorl.

Verticillate   Dico Tools
Having verticils; that is, whorled or appearing so.

Vestigial   Dico Tools

Villous   Dico Tools
With long, straight, soft hairs.

Vine   Dico Tools
A plant which climbs or sprawls by means of twining or tendrils; also, a plant which trails or creeps extensively along the ground.

Virgate   Dico Tools
Slenderly straight and upright; wand-shaped.

Viscid   Dico Tools
Glutinous; sticky; glandular.

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Vivipary   Dico Tools
Germinating while still on the plant, as certain bulbs and transformations of floral tissues.

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