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An alphabetical listing of General terms and items.

Obconic   Dico Tools
Inversely conical.

Obcordate   Dico Tools
Referring to leaves or petals which are heart-shaped at the tip and tapering to a wedge-shaped base.

Oblanceolate   Dico Tools
Several times longer than wide, but widest above the middle, long-tapering at the base.

Oblique   Dico Tools
Slanting, or unequal-sided.

Oblong   Dico Tools
Several times longer than wide with nearly or quite parallel sides.

Oblong Leaf   Dico Tools
Twice as long as broad with both ends rounded.

Obovate   Dico Tools
Inversely ovate.

Obovoid   Dico Tools
Having the form of an egg, but with the broad end at the tip.

Obsolete   Dico Tools
Rudimentary; not evident.

Obtuse   Dico Tools
Blunt or rounded.

Ochroleucous   Dico Tools
Yellowish white.

Ocrea   Dico Tools
In the Polygonaceae, refers to the tubular sheathing stipules along the stem.

Ocreola   Dico Tools
In the Polygonaceae, a secondary ocrea, usually referring to those of the inflorescence.

Offset   Dico Tools
A shoot; a short runner bending up at the end to form a new plant.

Olivaceous   Dico Tools
Having an olive-green color.

Opaque   Dico Tools
Dull; neither shining nor translucent.

Opposite   Dico Tools
Arranged in pairs along an axis, not alternate.

Orbicular   Dico Tools
Circular in outline.

Order   Dico Tools
A group of genera all of which agree in some striking particular.

Osier   Dico Tools
A long, lithe stem.

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Oval   Dico Tools
Broadly elliptical.

Oval Leaves   Dico Tools
Tapering to each end.

Ovary   Dico Tools
That portion of the pistil which contains the ovules.

Ovate   Dico Tools

Ovoid   Dico Tools
A solid with an ovate outline.

Ovula   Dico Tools
The seed of a plant before it is fertilised.

Ovule   Dico Tools
The body which, after fertilization, becomes the seed.

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