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An alphabetical listing of General terms and items.

Palate   Dico Tools
A rounded projection of the lower lip of some irregular corollas, often closing the throat, as in Utricularia.

Palea   Dico Tools
The uppermost of the two scales forming the floret in a grass spikelet (often obscure).

Palmate   Dico Tools
Radiately lobed or divided, the axes of the individual segments originating at a common point or nearly so.

Paludal   Dico Tools
Pertaining to marshes.

Pandurate   Dico Tools

Panicle   Dico Tools
An inflorescence composed of two or more racemes or racemiform corymbs.

Paniculate   Dico Tools
Bearing panicles

Paniculiform   Dico Tools
Panicle shaped.

Pannate, Pannose   Dico Tools
With a tight, densely tangled tomentum; Appearing felt-like.

Panne   Dico Tools
Typically, a moist interdunal depression, often scoured down to the water table, in calcareous sands on the lee sides of dunes near Lake Michigan -- the vegetation quite fen-like in composition.

Papilionaceous   Dico Tools
Butterfly-like; in the Fabaceae family particularly, having a corolla composed of a standard, keel, and two wing petals.

Papilla   Dico Tools
A minute, nipple-shaped projection.

Papillate, Papillose   Dico Tools
Bearing papillae; warty or tuberculate.

Pappus   Dico Tools
A modification of the calyx, usually in the Asteraceae family, such that the segments are manifest as a low crown, a ring of scales, or fine hairs.

Papule   Dico Tools
A single wart or tubercle.

Parallel   Dico Tools
Running side-by-side, from base to tip.

Parallel-veined   Dico Tools
A feature occurring largely in the Monocots, where, instead of a network, the observable veins are parallel to each other and the midrib, or nearly so.

Parasite   Dico Tools
A plant which grows on and derives nourishment from another living plant.

Parenchymatous   Dico Tools
Composed of thin-walled cells.

Patina   Dico Tools
A fine crust or film.

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Peat   Dico Tools
Soil or substrate heavily invested with or even totally composed of partially decayed organic matter.

Pectinate   Dico Tools
Fringed or dissected in comb-like fashion.

Pedicel   Dico Tools
The stalk of a single flower in a cluster.

Pedicellate   Dico Tools
Having a pedicel.

Peduncle   Dico Tools
Characteristically referring to the second internode below a flower, but generally applied to any primary stalk which supports a head, flower cluster, or occasionally a single flower.

Pedunculate   Dico Tools
Having a peduncle.

Pellucid   Dico Tools
Clear; transparent.

Peltate   Dico Tools
Leaf/petiole relationship in which the petiole attaches to the blade away from the blade margin. Also similar relationships between stigmas and styles, indusium attachments to the frond surface, etc.

Pendent   Dico Tools
Hanging down.

Pendulous   Dico Tools

Pepo   Dico Tools
The specialized fruit in the gourd family -- essentially a large berry but possessing a thick rind.

Perennial   Dico Tools
Pertaining to a plant which lives for more than two years.

Perfect   Dico Tools
Pertaining to flowers which contain both stamens and pistils.

Perfoliate   Dico Tools
A condition in which the stem appears to pass through the leaf.

Perfoliate Leaf   Dico Tools
When the stem passes through the base of a stalk-less leaf.

Perianth   Dico Tools
Pertaining to the floral series of sepals, petals, or both, spoken of collectively.

Pericarp   Dico Tools
The wall of the matured ovary.

Perigynium   Dico Tools
Referring specifically to the often inflated sac which encloses the achene in the genus Carex.

Perigynous   Dico Tools
With the perianth surrounding the ovary.

Persistent   Dico Tools
Remaining attached, especially after withering; not caducous.

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Petal   Dico Tools
A segment of the corolla.

Petaloid   Dico Tools
Colored like, or resembling, a petal.

Petals   Dico Tools
Flower-leaves forming part of a corolla.

Petiolar, Petiolate   Dico Tools
Having a leafstalk.

Petiole   Dico Tools
A leafstalk.

Petiolulate   Dico Tools
Having a leaflet stalk.

Petiolule   Dico Tools
The stalk of a leaflet.

PH   Dico Tools
The reciprocal of the hydrogen ion concentration of a medium. A value on a scale of 0 to14 gives a measure of the acidity or alkalinity of a medium; pH values of 0 to 6.5 indicate acidic conditions, a pH value of 7.0 is neutral and pH values greater than 7.0 are alkaline

Phloem   Dico Tools
The conducting tissue of the vascular system that transports sugars and other compounds, primarily from the leaves, throughout the plant. Compare to xylem.

Phyllary   Dico Tools
An involucral bract in the Asteraceae family.

Phyllodium   Dico Tools
A somewhat dilated leafstalk having the form of and serving as a leaf blade.

Pilose   Dico Tools
Pubescent with soft hairs.

Pinna   Dico Tools
One of the principal divisions in a pinnate or pinnately compound leaf or frond.

Pinnate   Dico Tools
Referring to a foliar structure which is compound or deeply divided, the principal divisions arranged along each side of a common axis.

Pinnatifid   Dico Tools
Incompletely pinnate, the clefts between segments not reaching the axis.

Pinnatisect   Dico Tools
Pinnately dissected.

Pinnule   Dico Tools
One of the principal divisions of a pinna.

Pistil   Dico Tools
That organ comprised of ovary, style (when present), and stigma.

Pistillate   Dico Tools
Referring either to plants, inflorescences, or flowers which bear pistils but not stamens.

Pith   Dico Tools
The parenchymatous, often spongy or porous, central portions of stems and branchlets.

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Pitted   Dico Tools
Beset with depressions or pits.

Placenta   Dico Tools
The inside portion of the ovary which bears the ovules.

Plait   Dico Tools
Specifically, referring to the folded, often fringed, membrane between the corolla lobes in the genus Gentiana.

Plano-convex   Dico Tools
Similar to lenticular, but with one of the faces flat instead of convex.

Plicate   Dico Tools
Folded into plaits, usually lengthwise, thus similar to corrugated.

Plumose   Dico Tools
Beset with numerous, fine, pinnately arranged hairs; resembling a feather.

Pod   Dico Tools
A general term used with different fruit types, such as legume (pea pod), follicle (milkweed pod), or for certain seed-bearing capsules (iris pod).

Pollen   Dico Tools
The fertilizing powder or male elements held by the anthers by of which the ovules are fertilized.

Pollinium   Dico Tools
A coherent mass of pollen, such as in the Orchidaceae family and Asclepiadaceae family. Plural: pollinia.

Polygamous   Dico Tools
Typically referring to an individual plant which contains both perfect and imperfect flowers.

Polymorphic   Dico Tools
Having a number of various forms.

Pome   Dico Tools
A fleshy fruit (as in the apple), formed from an inferior ovary with several locules.

Pore   Dico Tools
The small area which bursts open in some types of dehiscent capsules; also the opening in some anthers from which the pollen discharges.

Poricidal   Dico Tools
Dehiscing by means of pores.

Posterior   Dico Tools
Next to or close to the main axis; its opposite is anterior.

Prickle   Dico Tools
A sharp, usually slender, bristle or spine of the epidermis, though originating in the deeper cell layers.

Primary   Dico Tools
Principal; first order.

Primocane   Dico Tools
In Rubus, the cane of the first year (usually lacking flowers).

Prismatic   Dico Tools
Of the shape of a prism -- angulate with flat sides.

Process   Dico Tools
A projection or outgrowth from some parent tissue.

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Procumbent   Dico Tools
Trailing or reclining, but not rooting at the nodes.

Propagate   Dico Tools
To increase numbers of or perpetuate a species by sexual (seed) or asexual reproduction

Prostrate   Dico Tools
Lying flat upon the substrate.

Proximate   Dico Tools
Near. The near end. Opposite meaning of distal.

Puberulent   Dico Tools
Minutely hairy.

Pubescent   Dico Tools

Pulverulent   Dico Tools
Appearing powdery or mealy.

Pulvinus   Dico Tools
A swelling or enlargement, typically in the axils of the branches in a grass inflorescence.

Punctate   Dico Tools
Dotted, particularly with dark or translucent dots or glands.

Puncticulate   Dico Tools
Minutely punctate.

Pungent   Dico Tools
Very sharp; acrid to the taste or smell.

Pustular   Dico Tools
Bearing blisters or pustules.

Pyramidal   Dico Tools
Broadest at the base, tapering apically; pyramid-shaped.

Pyrene   Dico Tools
The nutlet of a drupe, such as the seed and bony endocarp of a cherry.

Pyriform   Dico Tools

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